July 17, 2012

Around Ouray, CO!

While Scott was in town we went on a few day trip adventures. Last year we visited the tiny mountain of Ouray, and knew that this year we had to go back to take in the sights and the natural hot springs pool once again.

We took a walk up and down the downtown area, and then went off the beaten path to wander around the historical homes and old buildings. We spotted so many cute, pastel painted hotels while on our walk (the town was full of them)! Growing up I always wanted to live in one of these "Easter Egg" homes, and truly still do.

The last time we were in town we went into this historical hotel to escape the rain. Inside we found the neatest book shop, full of old and new books, as well as trinkets of all kinds (I recall finding a child gas mask!). The hotel also had the most gorgeous lobby, and it was so hard not to wander up through the hallways (but I really wanted to!).

The year before we also stopped in at this chocolate and coffee factory where we shared the most delicious fudge and cookie. This time around felt it was appropriate to do just the same (because we definitely needed a snack after all that walking!). It was SO hard not to pick out so many different treats though! They had chocolates of all sorts, cookies, fudge, and the most delicious looking slices of cake. We ended up getting an everything cookie and dark chocolate fudge to share.

After our walk around town we headed to the local hot springs pool and spent some time going back and forth between the 115 degree pool, and the 90 degree pool (amazing that they are naturally this hot!). We really loved hanging out at the pool, and were so relaxed when we left.

If you're ever near the Western Slope of Colorado, I highly suggest checking out the town of Ouray. Have any of you visited Ouray before?
-Chelsea xo


  1. wow it looks a lot like Switzerland, complete with the chocolate to boot! I definitely look forward to visiting Colorado and I'd love to stay in that historical hotel. Thanks for sharing!

    PS you and your boyfriend are so perfect :)

  2. What a beautiful town. That's one thing I miss about the east coast, all the beautiful buildings. Arizona is great but you just don't see things like that in Phoenix. Everywhere has its own charm though.

  3. Wow! Those photos are breathtaking :) I would love to visit there one day.

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  4. Yay for daytrips! I love discovering new places nearby :)

    Life Etc

  5. I loooooooooooooove Ouray. I think it's my most favorite place in Colorado!! I think I spent several hours one day in that coffee/chocolate place... (we were on family vacation and I was ready to escape my family, lol). I think Ouray is the town that has the little waterfall and see thru bridge you can hike up to?

    Also, we had AWESOME Mexican food in Ouray and it's also where I dropped/broke my best point n shoot camera!

  6. Oh wow I love this little town it is so adorable. I love finding neighborhoods like this. It definitely makes me want to visit here.And it sounds like you two had a fun day.