July 23, 2012

Down By The Underground

When I visit Colorado I like to stick close to a few of my favorite old haunts. Ever year it seems I fall into this alleyway once or twice, smooched in between two, 100-year-old buildings that I'm sure have seen more than I can imagine (perhaps old west gunslingers and ancient vampires, ok, ok, maybe not those...).

Right down at the end of the alleyway is an underground yesterday called The Italian Underground. This 50 seater restaurant is one of my favorite places in town. They have some of the best local cuisine, and are situated in a pretty remarkable space. Every time I go in there I marvel over their sealed, stone floor. It always amazes me that little places like this still exist, and if you're not looking for it you'll probably never know anything about the underground.

This morning I have plans to visit the local coffee drive-thru/walk-up...yep, there isn't a single coffee house in this whole town other than a few coffee trailers! Craziness! Anyways, I've really been into keeping up with my Twitter and Instagram (username: Chelseabirdd) lately, and I'm getting SO excited about August and all the possibilities it has for this little blog of mine! If anyone is interested in advertising for the month of August you can email me at Chelsea@Chelsea-Bird.com for more info. I would love to help you grow your blog and/or shop!

Outfit details:
Shirt: Madewell
Skirt: Nordstrom's Rack
Purse: Coach
Rio Grand Clogs: c/o Ugglebo Clogs

What's everyone up to today?
-Chelsea XO


  1. Oh Chelsea, that second photo of you is absolutely stunning. Your hair...can I just tell you how insanely beautiful it is, just one more time?

  2. Your hair is just...amazing. What kind of hair dye do you use?

  3. I loooove brick walls. You always find the best spots. :)