August 10, 2012

Back Down To The Valley

On Tuesday I made my way back down to the valley and have been enjoying the comforts of home ever since the moment I walked off the plane (but really, the 113 degree weather welcomed me home with a bang). My flight was delayed almost an hour, which made for an interesting wait time at the airport (to the lady who took off her shoes and put them practically in my lap, I hope you never do that again), but once the plane finally took off from the Salt Lake City airport all of my worries washed away and I (im)patiently waited for the plane to land in Phoenix as I watched the clouds, mountains, and lakes below me whiz by.

Seeing Scott as I run out of the terminal is always THE best feeling. I get huge butterflies in my stomach, and it always feel like I can't walk/fast walk/run fast enough to get past the security check point. Once I do finally make it into this arms, though, everything in the world just feels so right again.

Since I've been home I've spent lots of time with Scott, my grandmother, and in some of my favorite spots around the Valley. Yesterday I got to visit Sarah and Josh (and their sweet pup Sadie) and it was so wonderful to finally see them after too many weeks away. Today Scott and I are taking it easy, sipping on iced coffee and getting a few errands done.

Being home after being gone for so long truly is the most amazing feeling, and I'm just so happy to be here.

What is brightening your day today?
-Chelsea xo


  1. Is your home in Phoneix or Salt Lake? You seem to call both home (:

  2. Sosososososo glad you're back lady! Might see you Sunday morning!