August 20, 2012

Cherry Harvest

As I've gotten a little older I've come to recognize the importance of stepping out of my style comfort zone every now and again. I'm not usually one to make a big, bold statement with my clothing, but rather enjoy a pop of color here and there. However, this lacy Lulus dress made me want to jump right out of my "zone," and right into a very lady like (and unexpected color) moment for myself.

The cherry, pinky color, the lacy details (especially the sleeves!), and the silky slip made me feel more lady like than most likely any dress I've ever worn. The fact that Scott couldn't stop staring at me as we walked together might not have hurt either!

The confidence boost that this lacy dress gave me even eased me into trying my first real red lip! I had been hearing so many good things about the Clinique Chubby Sticks, so I decided to pick one up in the color Chunky Cherry. So far I'm loving the color payoff, the balmy texture, and the sweet red stain it leaves on my lips after it has sunken in and worn off a bit. I just may have to try out another color sometime soon!

Outfit details:
Jack Rogers sandals: c/o Jack Rogers

How do you feel about stepping out of your style comfort zone? Do you have a favorite lip stain? I would love to hear what they are!

-Chelsea xo


  1. I absolutely adore that dress! And I've been wanting to try a Chubby Stick for a while, but I will always love my Benefit lip stain.

    Hope all is well, Chelsea!

  2. you are absolutely adorable, girl! i'm in love with this outfit, and that red dress!
    xo TJ

  3. I've been using Just Bitten "Victorian" as a lip stain + balm and it's perfection! I LOVE the natural rosy hue it gives my lips!

  4. I'm really loving the lip color! Tempted to buy it myself now. Such a pretty dress too! Totally my style :)

  5. You look beautiful Chelsea! I love this dress!

  6. Benetint is the most amazing lip/cheek stain ever! I LOVE it. And while the bottle is a little pricey, they last for years. I think I've had the bottle I use everyday for two years now.

    BTW, you should check out Nothing New Treasures on Etsy. Brandi makes very similar dresses but by upcycling old tablecloths and linens. I have a similar shirt she made. (this one reminds me of your dress:

  7. You're so adorable and that dress looks beautiful on you. I wish I were more adventurous with my color choices..I just always seem to gravitate towards black and grey but this post kind of inspired me to buy something bold in the near future!