August 11, 2012

Get Up, Get Up!

Last evening was one of those nights where everything just fell into place. Scott and I started our evening with a little dinner date, and then went to visit our sweet friend Courtney at her store. We may have also spent a little time in Anthropologie afterward (hello latest issue of Kinfolk!), and then we decided we absolutely needed to drive down to Phoenix to see Jim Adkins and Reubens Accomplice at The Crescent Ballroom. For days we had been debating about going to the Reubens Acoomplice's cd release show, but figured we would pass this time because Scott had to be super early for work. However, when our friend Gabe tweeted that Jim Adkins (the singer for Jimmy Eat World) would be playing a solo gig as well that evening, we knew we couldn't pass the show up.

Seeing Jim was really the highlight of the musical portion of the evening for me, but the true highlight was seeing such sweet friends that I had missed so much while I was away. It was also so amazing to be in a room full of people who grew up in the same music scene as Scott and I, and also to hear Reubens Accomplice after so many years. It really was such a special evening!

What did your Friday night look like?
-Chelsea xo

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