August 23, 2012

I Wake Up In Twilight

While out on a walk the other evening, Scott and I made our way up onto the side of a local (mini) mountain. We didn't really have plans to climb part of the mountain (thus the slightly inappropriate footwear), but the sunset that was covering Tempe was just too gorgeous not to get a better view of.

I've been up this mountain a few times before, but this time around it seemed much more magical up there. Storm clouds were rolling in from the South, cotton candy like clouds were covering the sky, and the reflection from the nearby skyscrapers made for an amazing Twilight experience. I know I've said this before, but nothing is better than an Arizona sunset (especially pre and post monsoon storm!).

Speaking of Twilight (no, not that Twilight), lately I haven't been able to get the Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen's track Good Time out of my head. The first time I heard the track it was actually in a fan made video (this one to be exact), but since then I've become obsessed with the catchy lyrics and fun beat. I've never really been one for radio pop, but this song just has something about it that can really lift my spirits and make me want to drive with all of the windows down and the music up.

Also, can I just say that this guy has been extra amazing with helping me with the blog lately. Over the summer I missed his creative eye and photo skills SO much! I really think we work better as a team, and I really am so thankful to have a partner that is so supportive of something I love doing so much.

Outfit details:
Top: Madewell
Jeans: Levi's
Sandals: c/o Jack Rogers
Bag: Kate Spade
Bangles: Vintage

Today is going to be one busy day! I'll be in downtown and West Phoenix most of the day, and I'm hoping I can stop by my favorite coffee shop for an iced coffee and maybe a treat (I deserve it after such a crazy day, right?).

What are you up to today? Are you into the Owl City song at all?
-Chelsea xo


  1. your blush looks awesome! which color is that? - Leah

  2. Beautiful pictures! They are so warm and rosy, and your blush looks amazing. I am also OBSESSED with that Owl City song. It always puts me in the happiest mood, too.

  3. That song is pretty good for that genre, but that video is so ridiculous. & I kinda love it for how ridiculous is it! Thanks for I'm glad you have Scott back for creative collaboration. I never knew how awesome life could be, having someone so supportive & encouraging. I'm so glad you have that!

  4. loving your blush! it looks so rosy and sweet!

  5. Totally digging the simplicity of this outfit. So chic!

  6. I love your outfit, and I love the scenery. Cotton candy clouds, yes yes yes. I love seeing them.

  7. i LOVE that song! and funny cuz as i read your post, the song was in my head and then - waaala! you mentioned it!

    p.s. love these photos and your sandals! even more, makes me happy to see you and scott together again. :)

  8. your makeup is perfect - whatever blush you're wearing, I LOVE it.

  9. Leah and Kelly Ann - Thank you SO much for your sweet comments! The blush I'm wearing is Apricot Mist by Radiant Cosmetics!