August 21, 2012

Radiant Blushes

Over the past few months my love for blushes has grown, and grown. I love a good, natural flush, but also think it's fun to perk up my cheeks with a little touch of color every now and again. My sweet sponsor Radiant Cosmetics knows of my passion for blushes, and were kind enough to send me two of their blushes to try out. So I thought it would be fun to share with you a few swatches, and my thoughts on both blushes!

From left: The Lotus blush (#45), which should be for sale in the Radiant shop very soon, and Apricot Mist (#3) which you can purchase right here.

To me, the Lotus blush is the perfect "your natural flush but better" color. It's a gorgeous natural pink, and can either go on quite sheer with a few strokes from your blush brush, or it can be layered up for a more dramatic look.

The Apricot Mist blush is perfect for when I want an extra pop of color added to my cheeks. The color payoff with this blush is amazing, and I feel like the beautiful apricot color really warms up my face.

Overall, I am highly impressed with both the Lotus, and the Apricot Mist blush, and will definitely continue to rock them both this fall and winter. Also, If you're not too familiar with Radiant Cosmetics yet, their mission is to help raise awareness for human trafficking by raising funds from their cosmetics. From this, they are able to provide resources for those being affected, and also those helping to aide the fight to end human trafficking. You could definitely say that Radiant stands for the idea of beauty with a purpose!

Have you check out Radiant Cosmetics yet? What blush color are you currently loving? What is your favorite item in the Radiant shop?
-Chelsea xo


  1. Lovely, looks great on you! Love Radiant lipsticks but haven't tried the blush. Such a cool company!

  2. Love this, and I definitely need that Apricot Mist blush now!

  3. Ooo...I love both colors and they look great on you! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. I love the apricot on you! I am really loving how much the pop of color from blush accentuates my freckles. & it really does good on you too! You are so pretty!

  5. your freckles are adorable. i hope you love them too.

  6. Both of these colors look amazing with your skin tone! Beautiful!

  7. You're gorgeous, girl!

    Funny story: one Christmas I got obsessed with NARS and asked for a NARS blush but didn't specify the shade. My father in law does all the Christmas shopping, and I'm sure he went to a NARS girl and asked for the most popular shade of their blush, and guess what their most popular shade is?


    (I was horribly embarrassed and laughed for months but let me tell you - it's a gorgeous peachy shade! So worth it!)

  8. Both those blushes look fantastic on you! This makes me really want to buy one...