August 28, 2012

Republic Ramen

It seems like we've driving by Republic Ramen for years now and are always saying to one another that one day we're going to give it a try. Well, after a little chat with our friends Chanelle and Gabe, Scott and I decided it was finally time to give this ramen joint a try.

For a starter we got salted edamame. It was actually happy hour when we went, so the edamame was only a dollar! I was also SO tempted to get a boba tea as well, but decided I would save that for our next visit (they had so many boba tea flavors!).

I ended up getting the Vegetarian Ramen with the original toppings (spinach, sprouts, scallions, and carrots) and with tofu, and Scott got the Chili Pepper Ramen with original toppings and chicken. I was a little overwhelmed with the portion size, but really enjoyed my dish. Scott was also a big fan of his ramen bowl, and has already suggested that we go back soon for another round of ramen.

The restaurant has a trendy, eco-friendly feel to it, and has some really cute art hanging up in the dining area. This little art piece below absolutely warmed my heart, and I think I may need this print in my collection! They also had a boba tea print that was just as darling!

I'm off to school in a little bit and foresee it being a busy day. Getting back into the groove of school is always a little challenging for me, but I am really enjoying my classes and I am SO, SO happy to be in a Public Relations class this semester (feels so good to be discussing something journalism related again).

Have you ever tried Republic Ramen or a similar restaurant before? What are you up to today?
-Chelsea xo


  1. I miss non-packaged ramen so much! There's nothing around the Pittsburgh-area that I've heard of that's along the lines of Republic Ramen (I'm quite envious!), but I do miss what I was told was the best bowl of ramen in all of Hokkaido at this side-street ramen shop in Asahikawa.

    Glad you're enjoying your classes too!

  2. This place looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing.

    I have been to a Vietnamese restaurant for the first time a few weeks ago. They had similar noodle soup dishes there. It was delicious.

  3. I think I would live in that place if it were near me. I love ramen, especially with bean sprouts. - Leah

  4. Oh wow that looks so good! Those fresh toppings probably just made the dishes. Also, I really love that little Fresh dude, too! Have a great time at school! Tomorrow is my first day back for Fall. Wooh!

  5. That looks sooo good! I'm within walking distance of Republic Ramen and my roommate and I are dying to try it out! This just made me want it even more! So glad that it's good, hopefully I'll be visiting often!

  6. I went there for the first time recently and it was delish! Next time you go, try the almond milk tea boba!