September 7, 2012

Giant Coffee Tasting

A few weeks back Scott and I attending a coffee tasting at Giant Coffee in downtown Phoenix. Awhile back a friend gave us a private coffee tasting at the coffee shop he worked at then (Cartel Coffee Lab) and we absolutely loved the experience, so we were really excited to hear Giant would be doing a public coffee tasting (and just in time for fall, the best coffee weather!).

The evening started off with a discussion about the roaster, Four Barrel, that Giant Coffee uses, and why it's important to them to use the beans and milk that they do. I really enjoyed their mini lecture, and was so excited to try the coffee that we watched the two baristas brewed as the lecture went on.

Since we knew we would be consuming so much coffee, we figured we probably needed to get a sweet treat to help even out the caffeine. We got a plum crumble and it was SO good!

After the lecture Scott and I talked with one of the baristas about proper brewing methods, types of coffee, and the proper way to grind beans. Although Scott and I don't have a hand crank grinder, we do have a 50-year-old Chemex (I found it in an antique shop in Colorado and gave it to Scott for his birthday a few years ago) and really enjoy using it along with our french press and pour overs.

If you ever have a chance to attend a coffee tasting, I would highly suggest doing so. I think it's so interesting to learn about where your coffee beans are coming from, and also about proper brewing methods. I know most days it seems impractical to whip out a Chemex or french press, but when you have extra time to do so, it really make such a different in the way your coffee is going to taste! Also, if you have a friend that is a barista, see if they're up for giving you a tasting at their work. Coffee shops love teaching other coffee enthusiasts, and really appreciate when they see someone having an interest in learning more about their coffee.

It's pouring down rain outside and it really feels like fall this morning! Have any plans for the weekend?
-Chelsea xo


  1. Looks like fun! I love when companies organize events like this because it shows how passionate they are about what they're doing.
    Any dessert with the word 'crumble' looks good to me!

  2. I would love to do coffee tasting! I wish they had that here in our area! -Jessica L