September 1, 2012

Hello September!

Just wanted to stop in to say a quick hello and show you all this picture that absolutely melts my heart. Yesterday afternoon I was finally reunited with my beloved pup, Scout, and we both couldn't have been any happier. Today we're spending the day up in Flagstaff where the temperatures are in the 60's (craziness!), and trying to take in every once of the fall like atmosphere until we head back down to the valley. Hope you're all having a beautiful day, and happy September!
-Chelsea xo

PS Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit. (for all you superstitious folk out there!)


  1. such a cute little guy!

  2. What an adorable puppy! They are so fun when they are little and playful :)

  3. aw, scout is absolutely adorable! i can't take it! and i seriously wish it was in the 60's here. i guess i'll have to deal with the 90's for another month ;)