November 20, 2012

Eat at Matt's

Awhile back my favorite Phoenix breakfast spot, Matt's Big Breakfast, moved shop (literally a block or so to some bigger digs). This, along with our anniversary (eck! I didn't mean to wait this long to post these), called for a special brunch date with my guy.

This was one of our very first cool mornings here in Phoenix, and we were so excited to check out Matt's new digs. For years now we've been going to Matt's Big Breakfast, and we were excited that they were opening in a bigger space (although, sometimes the charm of Matt's was having to wait so long to get in and sitting in a teeny, tiny old building - taking in the sunshine from the huge windows and sipping hot coffee). The space itself is beautiful, and the building holds some history for Scott and I. Years ago the new Matt's was a local venue called the Oneplace, and Scott and his then band used to play there. In later years it was also a delicious mexican food restaurant that we used to go to while I was in Journalism school, and now I'm happy that the space is living on in such a beautiful way.

Scott and I are getting really excited about Thanksgiving! This year we decided to order a pumpkin pie from Urban Cookies, and I'm hoping to make a delicious veggie side dish that Chelsea sent me the recipe to. Do you have a favorite dish or pastry/pie that you order ever year for the holiday?

Outfit details: Cardigan: Last Chance
Shirt: Madewell
Skirt: Banana Republic
Bag: Madewell
Flats: c/o Marshalls

This morning I'm off to class and will probably stop for a coffee along the way. I have two meetings today, both grad school related, and hope all goes well with both of them. Final projects are quickly approaching and I need to make sure I'm at the top of my game!

What are you up to today?
-Chelsea xo


  1. happy belated anniversary!
    also, chelsea... your hair, it is GLORIOUS!

  2. That outfit is perfection! We are major breakfast people over here! I think we need to pay Matt's a visit