November 13, 2012

Frances and Friends

On Friday afternoon Scott and I made our way down to the recently opened Union at Biltmore Park. Last year around this time I was hearing about this awesome local co-op that was in the works to open the following year, but I never imagine it would be as amazing as this. The Union is jam packed with so many local shops that sell everything from housewares, bicycles, candy, magazines and more. I was most excited about checking out the three stores that Frances opened within the Union - Frances, Smeeks, and the Frances & Charlie Newsstand- and wanted to share a little bit of the magic from within the stores here today.

But first I just want to say that I am so thankful that I know this amazing lady, Georganne Bryant (owner of the Frances trio featured). She is such an inspiration, and has been a huge supporter of my blog for so many years now. This city is incredibly luck to have her. Congrats on your new space(s), Georganne!

Frances at the Union has this amazing magical quality to it. Every little detail of the shop feels so organic, with a hint of equestrian style and a dash of a warm, and cozy home. It really is so beautiful in there homey space.

The Smeeks shop is equally magical, with their classic, nostalgic candy, and their famous photo booth. This new space is actually now the permanent home of Smeeks, as the Camelback shop has entirely been moved into the Union. Georganne mentioned that many people were asking about her closing the original Frances location, but I was happy to hear that the Camelback Frances will forever stay right in place (where it all began!).

On our way out of the Union we stopped by the latest edition to the Frances family, the Frances & Charlie Newsstand. The shop is split into two little sections, one for the magazines/periodicals, and the other for lovely notebooks and trinkets. I have my eye on a certain night owl notebook (that I'm holding in the photo above) and will have to definitely make my way back there very soon.

If you're local and haven't made your way down to the Union yet, I hope you take some time this week to go check out all of the magic they have going on in this lovely new space!

What are you up to today? Time for some coffee, class, and a drive around the city!
-Chelsea xo


  1. Chelsea, I'm new to your blog! But I keep seeing posts for places I am at/have been or plan on going. Weird that I've never seen you in real life. my DIY blog (about parenting, pregnancy and crafting projects) is come say hi!


  2. I always get so jealous about the local places you talk about here on your blog! I want to visit them and I am so far away! :)

  3. I need to get too Union ASAP! The new shops look great :)