November 17, 2012

Uber in Phoenix!

On Wednesday Scott and I went to a launch event for Uber, the valley's newest on-demand private driver service.  A few months back I heard a rumor that Uber might be coming to my city, and ever since then I have been following the progress/updates of the company on making their way to the valley. I first heard about Uber over a year ago from a friend in Seattle who works for the company as a Community Manager, and have always been amazed out how personable and awesome the company is to their clients and employees. I absolutely love how involved Uber is in social media, and how quick they are to respond if you ever have any questions at all. Before Uber even came to the valley, they had already made a great impression in my book.

Scott and I took our first Uber to the launch event. We were so excited to open up their app, mark right where we wanted to be picked up on their map system, and then watch our driver on the map as he made our way to us.

Both of our rides to and from the event were awesome (we rode in two of Uber's signature, black SUVs), and our driver's were super cool (even let us pick the kind of music we wanted to listen to!).

Our friend Gabe is the Community Manager for Phoenix, and we are both so proud of him for all of the incredibly handwork he has put in these past few months getting Phoenix ready for Uber. Congrats Gabe and the Phoenix Uber team!

Our friends Sarah and Josh joined us at the event and we all enjoyed some delicious food at hot coffee (the scones and clotted cream were SO yummy!).

So, have you given Uber, whether in Phoenix or not, a try yet? I highly suggest downloading their app and checking out the company yourself! I also want to say that this post was not sponsored by Uber, and that I am truly a huge fan of company and I'm so happy to finally have them here in Phoenix!
-Chelsea xo

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