December 8, 2012

A Gift Guide For The Ladies!

I thought it would be fun to put together a little gift guide for the ladies in your life! My Christmas shopping is still a work in progress (after finals I will be free to shop my heart out!), and if you're in a similar situation I hope this gift guide will give you a little inspiration!

1. Carousel by Her &  Gold
2. heart
3. Bow bracelet by The Shine Project
4. Matte lipstick from Radiant Cosmetics
5. Kipper Booties from Blowfish Shoes
6. Celestial earrings by Moorea Seal 
7. Little Shapes necklace by A Lovely Little Shop

-Chelsea xo


  1. Love everything on this list!


  2. oooo big fan of the Neo's in copper. so pretty! I'm a follower:)

  3. Woot! thank you so much for posting my earrings sweet girl!
    xo Moorea