December 28, 2012

A Royal Coffee Date

Yesterday Scott and I had a little coffee date at Royal Coffee, right off of the Union at the Biltmore in Phoenix. We both were in need of a little caffeine boost, and even though it was a chilly, breezy day, we thought it would be nice to sit outside and sip our hot pour overs at the little, wooden Royal counter (under the giant heaters, of course).

We also shared an oatmeal raisin scone, and a raspberry white chocolate scone, both of which were delicious.

After our coffee date we spent a little time driving around one of the most fancy neighborhoods in town, right down the street from the famous Biltmore Hotel. I couldn't stop oohing and awing as we drove by the prettiest homes, and bunches of trees that must of thought we were still in fall.

What have you been up to lately during this post-Christmas time?
-Chelsea xo


  1. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a little downtime. Personally, I've been watching loads of documentaries, trying to learn as much about a load of different things as quickly as possible! xo, Maria

  2. Such a cute post! Sipping hot drinks in the midst of cold weather is a perfect thing to do with your love or friends! -Jessica L

  3. I love all of your ideas for new places to go in Phoenix. I tried a new place called Windsor, it was amazing! If you haven't been you need to check this place out :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  4. Sounds like a really relaxing holiday day!

    I love finding new tea/coffee shops to try out :)

  5. What a cute idea for a coffee shop! I wish we were able to have things like that, but I live in Minnesota! It wouldn't be able to be open half the year!

  6. so sweet! glad you came by to visit at union!