December 17, 2012

Radiant Cosmetics Smoky Eyes Eye Shadow Palette

Today I wanted to share with you the newest eye shadow palette in my collection, the Radiant Cosmetics Smoky Eyes Eye Palette.

Created with the holidays in mind, this pretty palette offers four shadows, a matte pale pink, a shimmery purple, a shimmery grey, and a matte black, to mix and max and create your perfect smoky eye look with.

The shadows themselves are very pigmented, and easy to blend. So far my favorite combination is the shimmery grey all over the lid, with the shimmery purple through the crease. I'm attending a holiday party this Friday, and can't wait to pull out my Smoky Eyes Eye Palette to create a stand-out look for a fun evening out!

If you were wanting to order something from Radiant Cosmetics for a loved for Christmas, or a little present to yourself for a job well done on finals or a holiday pick-me-up, you still have two days to order and get your package before Christmas!

Also, don't forget that  Radiant Cosmetics has an amazing mission of helping to raise awareness of human trafficking, and proceeds from their shop go to providing resources for those on the forefront of change, as well as victims of trafficking.

Whats you're favorite makeup look for a holiday party?
-Chelsea xo

*Smoky Eye Palette c/o Radiant Cosmetics


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