February 29, 2012

Elevator Love Letter

Some days do you every sit down to write a blog post and not know where to start? Do you start with a funny comment, or a little story from your week? Or do you just dive into it hoping that after you're done writing something will make sense? During my time as an undergraduate working toward my Bachelor's in Journalism I would often start writing an article and have no idea where it would take me. Sure, I know the structure of different types of articles, but sometimes all you have is little bits and pieces of the story that are coming out of your mind and you just have to believe that they will work out together later on.

Everyone's writing process is a little different, and I'm always curious how other bloggers go about writing their posts. Do they blog at weird hours of the day like me, or do they have a set time of day that they sit down and begin to write? I've found that sometimes when I sit down to blog in the morning (much like now) I struggle a bit with what I'm going to say, but if I sit down late in the evening my mind just spits out everything that I've been holding onto and thinking about throughout the day. I don't want to hold myself to this routine though, because every day seems to be a little bit different.

When I wore this outfit to class a few days ago I felt so dainty. I love the high-cut v-neck, and the pretty floral pattern. The fabric is also very movable, and the waist tie is a great tool for defining my natural waist. I also love my Cuvette flats from Blowfish Shoes (they're on sale right now!). Who doesn't love a great pair of transitional shoes?

Tonight the Phoenix Style Collective is having a meeting about our upcoming event (The Arizona Blogger Conference on April 28th at The Saguaro Hotel), and I believe there will be some vegan ice cream involved. The next few days are going to be a bit busy for Scott and I, but we're excited about all of the fun that is to be had!

How do you go about writing your blog posts? What's your writing style? XO

Outfit details:
Cardigan: Last Chance
I HEART Ronson dress: c/o Jcpenney
Leather bracelet: Jcrew

February 28, 2012


I don't often find myself attracted to very rosey colored clothing. Pinks scare me a bit, but it's nice to find a happy medium in the rosey colors. When spring rolls around I always feel like I need to introduce a little bit more color into my wardrobe. Scarves are probably my favorite way to incorporate color, but this spring I might try and incorporate more color through other staple garments. Pushing my fashion boundaries here!

Since the weather has been so up and down lately, this is the perfect transition outfit. I like to be able to bundle up when I go into buildings (I swear, every shop keeps their store suppper cold here come spring through fall), but I also like to be able to cool down easily when I get too hot. I feel like adding a cardigan and scarf to any outfit is the perfect way to achieve this cool/warm look for those awkward late winter/early spring days!

Today I have some work to get done, and have class later on. Right now Scott and I are obsessing over the new Fun. album, and will probably listen to it to and from my class all the way on the other side of town. I almost didn't want to give the album a chance, but I'm so glad I did. A lot of it reminds me of The Format, who was my favorite band in high school. I kind of love all of the western influences I can hear in the Fun. album. Yesterday Scott proclaimed it a West Coast album, and I totally agree!

Have you heard the new Fun. album yet? What are you up to today? XO

Outfit details:
Cardigan Levi's
Blouse: Converse
Scarf: Levi's
Jeans: Levi's

February 27, 2012

My Favourite Book

And it's Monday! Why did the weekend seem to go by so fast? I feel like I just blinked my eyes and it was over. Poof! It did have its nice moments though. Scott and I did a little shopping around together on Friday, and Saturday I might have consumed two trenti iced coffees from Starbucks. Sunday I scrambled to get a few timely school work things done, and ate a garden burger and french fries for dinner. Overall, it was a good one!

I wore this outfit to the ASU Tempe campus on a day where I just wanted to be comfortable. I really love how flowy this top is, and how the short sleeves will be perfect for when the temperatures heat up (which won't be very long from now!). I'm also a big fan of the black and tan combo, so I felt very me for an afternoon of working in the library. Usually when I go to school to study I like to wear no fuss clothing, so this outfit felt very appropriate for the occasion.

This morning Scott and I are talking about going out for coffee before we head down to Scottsdale to pick up some paperwork. While in Scottsdale we're going to be really close to a Sprinkles Cupcakes, so I think a cupcake might be in order. Lately I've had such a sweet tooth (ok, when don't I), and I think a yummy cupcake would be the perfect way to start off the week!

What did you do this weekend? What's your favorite cupcake flavor? Anyone know my title reference? XO

Outfit details:
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Blouse: Nordstroms Rack
Pants: Levi's
Shoes: Sperry's

February 26, 2012

Cartel Coffee Lab Scottsdale

Recently Scott and I stopped into the Cartel Coffee Lab Scottsdale location. For years we've been going to the Tempe location of this speciality coffee shop, so we found it only fitting that we stop into their newest location (it's been open for awhile, but we never seem to find ourselves in old town Scottsdale).

The space itself is pretty charming, and their coffee is held to such a high standard. I've always been a fan of their cappuccinos, and couldn't pass up getting one this day. Although iced coffee is my favorite of all coffee drinks, capps are a close second. I enjoy the smell, taste, and look of them (Cartel always has the best foam art!).

Although our foam art was great this time around, Scott decided to make an addition to his:

An arrow in his apple for our sweet pals over at Arrow & Apple!

I was really digging the original art they had up. Cartel is known for showing off the work of local artists in their shops (they have three locations!).

The light streaming in from the windows was breathtaking. I love a good sunlight room.

Scott and I shared on their famous blondie cookies. For years Cartel never offered any kind of pastries, and I kind of love that they offer such delicious, locally made ones now.

Today is for homework, coffee, and tea. What do you have planned for this beautiful Sunday?
-Chelsea xo

February 24, 2012

For The Love of Love

On Valentine's Day I wanted to wear something sweet. This darling grey and floral combo dress has the most darling pleated sleeves, and is my idea of the perfect spring dress. I originally had plan to wear this outfit sans tights, boots, and maybe even the cardigan, but the days weather had a different idea in mind.

Our Valentine's Day was a little chilly, but oh so sweet. We had a lovely lunch date together in a sweet neighborhood in Phoenix, and were oh so pleased to find out that my night class for that day had been cancelled. Happy Valentin's Day to us!

My sweet Valentine's Day present (Scott has the sweetest heart).

Scott treated me like a queen on Valentine's Day, and I'm so thankful for his love. I know some may say that this love holiday was created by the card company, but really, I love any day where we can celebrate our love and spend time together.

Over the past few years I have grown fond of giving watches as gifts to Scott for special occasions. Beforehand he was never really a watch kind of person, but overtime he has really come to love them. Just from the time I've spent "researching" different watches, I've come to learn that there is so much to them, and they are almost like the purses of men (you need a different one for different kinds of outfits!). I swear the last time I went into check out different styles a sales associate told this to me! I kind of love it though that Scott has something now that he really cherishes, not only because I gave it to him, but also because they're practical (Scott's ticket word) and something that he can keep for years to come.

Right now I'm still trying to plan out my day. I have a few assignments I should start working on, but I also really want to get out of the house. Maybe a coffee date and some time in the sun is in order? XO

Is there an item that you love giving as gifts (to your significant others or family/friends)?

Outfit details:
She //
Cardigan: Banana Republic
I HEART Ronson dress: c/o Jcpenney
Tights: c/o We Love Colors
Boots: Steve Madden

Sweater: Levi's
Button-up: Levi's
Slack: Levi's
Watch: Fossil
Shoes: Born

February 23, 2012

Valentine Love

On Valentine's Day Scott and I set up our trusty tripod and snapped a few shots of us together. We had such a beautiful day together, and I feel so blessed to be able to call him my (forever) Valentine.

This last photo pretty much sums up our life when we go on adventures. We always carry so many cameras with us, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Also, I kind of love this photo of Scott. So serious, and so darling at the same time.

What are you up to today? What's your favorite camera?
-Chelsea xo

February 22, 2012

Jack Rogers Style

Have I ever told you that I'm obsessed with the idea of classic style? I feel like it may be obvious through the outfits that I wear, but I feel like stating the fact is appropriate. I also not only love a classic style, but also timeless pieces that have made their way through decades of fashion, never ceasing to phase out.

For years now I've had my eye on a pair of Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals (worn famously by the beautiful Jackie O), and always thought they would make a perfect addition to the timeless side of my wardrobe. Founded in 1960 in Palm Beach, Jack Rogers quickly found the popularity it deserved in 1961 when then Jackie Kennedy was spotted sporting the Navajo Sandal as her resort footwear of choice. Today the classic sandal is still handmade in Florida (how amazing!), and has become a staple in resort and every day wear alike.

I was recently very graciously offered the chance to style up a pair of the classic Jack Rogers Navajo sandals. The classic style comes in so many different colors, from the classic black, to a mix and match of pinks, blues, and oranges, as well as themed college colors combinations, and also beautiful metallics. Although I am a fan of the classic black and brown, I thought the gold metallic would be so fun to introduce into my wardrobe.

I'm obsessed with the detailing, and quality of the sandal. You can really tell how much care went into making it, and that they are meant to last for decades to come.

Living in Arizona, I'm always on the hunt for the perfect sandal. The quality of the leather and craftsmanship, as well as how light they are, and the history behind them definitely puts these up high (if not at the very top) on my list of perfect sandals.

Jack Rogers is also a relatively small business, which makes them even more near and dear to my heart. They have an amazing social presence, and their Twitter, Instagram feed (username: JackRogersUSA), Facebook, and Tumblr feed have quickly become some of my favorites.

Since the 1960's the company has expanded their line to into a full lifestyle line. I'm pretty obsessed with their Rogers Slim Ballet Flat (they look like the perfect ballet flat, which we all know is so hard to find!), and the Napa Valley Mid Wedge (I LOVE the cork on these!). They also have a flagship store in New York City, which I hope to visit one day!

If you haven't checked out the Jack Rogers brand yet, I highly suggest doing so. Their dedication to quality, customer service, and the mark they have made on fashion history makes them a brand I will forever be dedicated to. Also, I feel like their Navajo sandals would be the perfect addition to anyones wardrobe (sandal weather is just right around the corner!).

Have you heard of Jack Rogers before? What do you think of timeless garments? XO

Outfit details:
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Chambray button-up: Levi's
Bracelets: Kate Spade and c/o TK Jewelry
Jeans: Levi's
Purse: Coach