May 30, 2012

Making Daylight Test Shots

A couple of weeks ago Scott and I's sweet friend Sarah asked us if she could practice her Making Daylight Workshop on us before the big debut of the actual workshop a day later (of course we said yes!). We both had a lot of fun learning about different lighting techniques, and took some really fun photos together.

The two photos above were my favorite of our test shot set. They both were taken round 8:30 at night, and were taken in Sarah's living room. The next evening Scott and I attended the actual Making Daylight Workshop to help out (and be involved in all of the fun). I still want to do a post on the actual workshop, but for now I just want to say that it was truly so inspiring, incredibly informational, and a whole lot of fun. Sarah is planning on turning the workshop into an e-course sometime in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for it! It's definitely a course I would suggest taking if you're interested in learning more about lighting and photography.
-Chelsea xo

May 29, 2012

Back In The Alleyway

Oh, where has the day gone? I swear it was just 10 a.m.! Today has gone by so fast (yet so slow at the same time). In Colorado it stays much brighter later in the evening, and it's been kind of messing me up a bit. I'm so ready to drink my iced coffee, and then realize it's 8 p.m.! Guess it will have to wait until tomorrow. Anyways, I wore this outfit right before I left home. I'm in LOVE with the simplicity of it.

I've been absolutely loving this piano lounge top from Lulus this spring/early summer. It's cool, flowy, and the peter pan collar is right up my alley! Perfect top for the warm months if you ask me!

Lately I've been really having a lot of fun with makeup. Eyeshadows are one of my favorite things, and the pretty one I'm wearing above has recently become a favorite (Soba by MAC, incase you were wondering!).

Where would I be without my trusty Rio Grande Clogs from Ugglebo Clogs this summer? They are seriously the best! I love starting the summer off with a new pair of sandals. Are there any sandals that you are lusting over currently?

(Missing this guy SO much!)

Today I spent some time wandering around Vail, CO. I checked out a few shops, got a coffee and a scone, and rummaged through my favorite record shop in the area! What did you do today? XO

Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Piano lounge top: c/o Lulus
Jeans: Levi's
Rio Grande Clogs: c/o Ugglebo Clogs

May 28, 2012

Lunch at Luci's

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you all have a lovely day today. I'm going to be doing a bit of back tracking so I can catch you all up on the fun adventures Scott and I had the past few weeks. Recently we checked out Luci's Healthy Marketplace after hearing about it for so long. The marketplace is tiny, but packed full of healthy foods, environmentally friendly goods, and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. We decided it would be best if we had a lunch date there because the food look too good to pass up.

I got a spinach and strawberry salad. It was absolutely huge and I may have needed Scott to help me (almost) finish it.

Scott got a roast beef sandwich and a side of past salad. He really enjoyed both!

Even though breakfast dates are my absolute favorite, I really love going on lunch dates. We had such a nice time sitting by the window, enjoying our lunch together. Scott really is the best date (he always helps me finish my food when I can't-what a trooper!).

Have you been on any lunch dates recently? What are you up to today?
-Chelsea xo

May 26, 2012

In Transit

Yesterday I spent five + hours traveling to and from different airports to ultimately make it to my destination in Colorado. There may have been a few meltdowns (saying goodbye is always so hard), and a few nice people who asked If I was doing ok. I drank a ginger ale to calm my stomach, and two iced coffees because I just wanted to (traveling alone calls for numerous treats). My first flight was just fine, and the second one was incredibly bumpy (I was on a teeny, tiny plane seated in the last seat in the back). There was a puppy on my second flight, and I sat next to a guy that I can only assume was narcoleptic on the first. Today I'm adjusting to a new routine and catching up on all social media accounts (and adjusting to the high altitude, oh my!).

What do you love and hate about traveling?
-Chelsea xo

May 25, 2012


Always and forever, even if we're distances a part. Forever my heart resides with you. See you soon, my love.
-Chelsea xo

May 24, 2012


A few weeks back Scott and I went to Short Leash Hot Dog's Friday night event, Sit...Stay. It was an extra special evening because a camera crew was there filming for an upcoming episode of Eat Street.

Sit...Stay is located behind Frances and Smeeks in Central Phoenix, and is open every Friday from 6 to 8 p.m.

It was so neat seeing the camera crew there! The folks at Short Leash more than deserve the publicity!

I had my usually veggie dog with beans, mushrooms, relish, ketchup and thousand island dressing.

Scott tried out one of Short Leash's specials that night, the 7th Inning Stretch. And yes, that is popcorn on his hot dog!

While there we ran into Ashley and her husband Marcus. They were kind enough to share their table with us, and we all had a good talk about hot dogs and design (separate conversations, of course!).

Ashley really is the sweetest lady and I'm so glad that I've gotten to know her a little better over this past year! She runs a really sweet blog, I Believe In Unicorns, and it's definitely one of my daily reads.

And this guy. What can I say. My heart just melts when I see him.

Have you been to any neat dining experiences lately?
-Chelsea xo

May 23, 2012

Evening Stroll

The other day Scott and I went on an evening stroll through one of our favorite neighborhoods. The temperature was cooling down (just a smidgen though!), and the lighting was just right. Ever have one of those moments when you just feel like you're in a movie, or even in a dream? Yeah, it was kind of like that (except for those darn mosquito bites I noticed I got after we left!).

Lately I've been really loving light layered looks, and lots of denim (but what's new, really?). The Levi's dress I wore this night is one of my all-time favorite dresses, and I really loved pairing it with this polka dot blouse from Lulu's. The tie at the waste is darling, and I LOVE the polka dots. I've been perusing the Lulu's website the past few nights for a few new go-to summer garments. I'm trying to make my wardrobe a little more summer friendly (old habits die hard, though!).

Scott and I have been spending lots of time together hitting up some of our favorite local spots, and eating way too many treats (ok, maybe just the right amount!). Iced coffee has been in abundance, and I've been wandering around makeup shops maybe a tad too much (which I really don't mind!). We had a delicious breakfast this morning at a new-to-us local restaurant, and went on a nice walk around Tempe.

What are you up to today? What has been the highlight of your day? XO

Outfit details:
Dress: Levi's
Bangles: Kate Spade
Sandals: Saltwater Sandals

May 22, 2012

Cupcakes at Urban Cookies

Last week Scott and I's sweet friend Sarah took us out for cupcakes. She lets us pick the place, so we ended up at Urban Cookies in central Phoenix. Scott and I have been a fan of Urban Cookies for quite some time, and were thrilled when they won Cupcakes Wars last year! We all had a bit of a hard time deciding on a treat, but when we did we were more than pleased.

Scott got a chocolate cupcake, and I got the lemon, raspberry and pistachio cupcake (it was amazing!).

Sarah also got the same cupcakes as I, and brought her husband, Josh, home a brown velvet cupcake.

Urban Cookies really knows how to make an amazing cupcake (and cookies too!). If you're ever in the area, I highly suggest stopping in at Urban Cookies for a sweet treat!
-Chelsea xo

May 21, 2012

CenPho Alleyway

Lately I've been reaching for a dress or a skirt almost every day. I know that may not sound odd, but I'm usually a jeans and blouse kind of person (even on the warmest of days). I really love a nice, quality dress that can be transitional throughout the seasons. This pretty little blue number was a birthday present from Kara and Katherine (thank you SO much ladies!), and I'm absolutely loving it.

Lately I've been on the look out for some new-to-me blogs to read. During the summer I usually have quite a bit of time to really dig into a good blog (or ten). So I'm wondering if you guys have any suggestions of blogs that you think I should check out? If so, please leave a comment saying hello and a link or two! Thank you in advance sweet friends!

Outfit details:
Dress: gift from Madewell
Locally handmade ring: gift from The GrowOp
Sandals: Saltwater Sandals

What are you up to today?
-Chelsea xo

May 20, 2012

Surprise Birthday Dinner

I wanted to share one last bit of my birthday. That evening I had dinner plans with Scott, my grandmother, my cousin Odessa, and Courtney. We arrived around 7:30, and waited outside for everyone to get there. Once we spotted Courtney, we headed inside Liberty Market.

My lovely cousin, Odessa, and I.

Once inside I was greeted by a table full of familiar faces, all my pals from The Phoenix Style Collective (Kara, Katherine, and Josh). I was absolutely stunned to see them all there. Never in my life has someone been able to pull such a surprise on me, and I just couldn't believe that they had planned the whole thing out without me knowing. To say I was happy would be a major understatement. I was overwhelmingly thrilled to have my sweet friends there with me to celebrate my birthday.

They all signed the sweetest card for me. It may have brought a little tear to my eye.

There was also a few presents involved (which they totally shouldn't have!), one being this amazing locally handmade ring from The GrowOP.

Being surprise by my love and friends and family was honestly one of the most amazing feelings. I am so thankful to have such sweet, and thoughtful people in my life. I truly had an amazing birthday and will never forget this wonderful surprise. Here's to an amazing 24th year!
-Chelsea xo