January 14, 2013

I Can Feel The Chill In My Bones

Good morning, freezing Phoenix (and to all of you living in other parts of the country and world). I woke up this morning to freezing temperatures in Phoenix - literally - and I'm a bit in awe of how cold it really is. The weather channel just announced that right now it's around 38 degrees outside, and it's supposed to only warm up another 10 degrees. To say we're having a bit of freak weather around here would be an understatement! However, I intend on fulling enjoying it! Very rarely do we get such cold temperatures in this part of the state, so I plan on bundling up the best I can and drinking one too many cups of hot coffee to keeps my bones warms. Also, how crazy is it that in D.C. and around the East Coast it's twice as warm is it is here! HA!

I wore this outfit when Scott and I first met up with Alyssa at  The Coffee Shop in Gilbert. This dress was a birthday present from a few of my favorite ladies, and I loved that it was so easy to style up for winter even though it's a spring/summer dress!

On Friday Scott and I finally went to see Silver Linings Playbook, which I LOVED! I thought the script and the whole premise around the movie was amazing, and I really enjoyed Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence's performance. To be quite honest, movies that have more of a real life feel to them, including offbeat characters, are usually always my favorites!

On Saturday we were lucky enough to get to hang out with Alyssa again, and had a great time showing her around two of our favorite spots in Phoenix. Sunday was a very lazy day and was spent mostly at home, except for an evening coffee date to Cartel Coffee just to get out for a little bit (and sip on delicious hot coffee).

Outfit details:
Scarf: Madewell
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Dress: Madewell
Tights: We Love Colors
Bracelets: Kate Spade
Purse: Coach
Gabby booties: c/o Blowfish Shoes

This morning I have a few things to wrap up before class tonight, and then I plan on starting some homework that I have due later in the week. It's still so crazy to think that we're already back in the swing of school, as only a few years ago were we going back in late January (ohh, those we were the days).

What do you have going on today? How was your weekend?
-Chelsea xo


  1. sounds like you had a lovely weekend, i love the way it says photography on the brick wall background :) ox

  2. I'm so going to try and see Silver Linings Playbook as soon as I can. Right now we're experiencing freakishly cold weather as well, so I've been staying inside as much as possible.
    xo, Maria

  3. We're having a warm spell in Virginia. It's in the 50s today. I wish it was a bit colder. - Leah, wisestyle.wordpress.com

  4. I love your scarf! Also, I'm dying to see Silver Linings Playbook. I've heard SO many good things about it.

    I'm a Phoenix girl, and I can't get enough of Cartel Coffee Lab! I have you to thank for the idea of going there. I had never heard of it before.

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  5. Nice outfit! I like that Coach purse!