January 8, 2013

January Pupdate

Today I thought I would share a little pupdate on Scout Walker Brown! We brought Scout home in July (see one of his first Instagram pictures!), and have since shared a few updates here and there on the blog. Scout recently had a doctor's appointment (just the usual puppy stuff) and the vet informed us that he now weighs a whole 12 pounds (I remember when he weighed only 4 pounds - awwwh), and that he has a crazy sweet disposition (now, he already has all of us wrapped around his tiny puppy paw, but hearing this from someone else made me realize even more how lucky we are to have such a great little guy in our life).

On a daily basis, Scout is a big snuggler and would rather stay in bed than get up early (he's definitely not a morning person - which is too funny to me!). He also loves to play and likes to throw his own toys around until you join in on the fun. Right now his favorite toy is a multi-color string that has lots of "tags" to pull at, and he also loves his Halloween spider that is starting to look a little ratty. I'm convinced that Scott is his favorite person in the world, as he gets SO excited when he comes over ever morning and demands his full of attention with tons of kisses and hugs (yes, Scout literally hugs - it's in the books that Cavaliers are said to give hugs). He's also still big on naps (he's a growing boy!), and has found his favorite spot on the couch (he much prefers to sleep on our laps, however). Overall, he's a big lover that is just as happy to go out on a walk and play as he is to follow you around and sleep on your lap for the afternoon - he really is an easygoing guy! Happy 8 months, pup Scout!

Do you have any pets? I would love to hear about them! I'm a huge animal lover at heart!
-Chelsea xo


  1. I have a bunny named Waffles and he is my favorite thing on earth. He's kind of a brat sometimes but I still love him!

  2. Hehe "pupdate"! That is the best word!
    I'm so showing this to my mum. I'm trying to convince her to get a puppy instead of an adult dog :)

    The Lovelorn

  3. So cute!! I love pupdates. :) We have a big dog named Dudley and he makes us laugh every single day. I can't imagine life without a dog!

  4. Scout is such a cutie! We have an Australian Shepherd named Joker, and comes with us to coffee dates, brunch, and long walks in the park. I'm a dog lover too :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}