January 4, 2013

Kiss Slavery Goodbye Campaign

Good afternoon! I first want to start off by saying thank you SO, SO much for all of the very sweet comments and tweets I received yesterday in regards to my Emma Magazine spread. I am SO happy with the way it turned out, and I am SO happy to hear that many of you liked it as well!

Today I wanted to share with you some info on the recently launched Kiss Slavery Goodbye Campaign that Radiant Cosmetics is putting on this month. January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and Radiant is on a mission to help raise critical awareness and educate those who are not aware that human trafficking is still, unfortunately, a major issue. Also, for every lipstick purchased this month, Radiant will be donating a lipstick on the buyers behalf to a survivor or current victim of trafficking.

Radiant would alo love to have YOU involved by helping to spread the word via all social media sites (more info here)! Radiant is truly an amazing organization working toward an amazing cause and I am SO happy to be able to participate in any way that I can!

Have you checked out Radiant Cosmetics yet? What's your favorite lipstick shade from them?
-Chelsea xo

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  1. I love this! I just attended Passion 2013 where we learned about how many modern day slaves are actually still in the world, and its insane. It completely changed my mindset and I am determined to help. Starting by making more fair trade purchases with my food and clothing and becoming more aware of which companies used modern day slaves. I will be purchasing a colorful lipstick soon also!