January 28, 2013

Mill Avenue Bridge

This weird, rainy weather that we've been having in Phoenix seems to be sticky around, and left us with a rather soggy weekend and Monday morning. On the upside, during the in-between moments of no rain and complete down pour, the sky looks heavenly and the city feels so quiet and peaceful. During one of these moments yesterday I had a sudden urge to go down to the beach side of our local lake, because I just knew that everything would feel that much more magical down there. Standing near the shoreline, in front of one of my favorite bridges that was built in 1931, the city of Tempe was seriously pulling on my heartstrings.

During a moment of absolute down pour that left me caught running through a huge parking lot to my car, I realized that sitting at home, tucked away under a pile of sweaters, was a long forgotten trench coat that I bought years ago and was saving for a rainy day. An hour later I found myself pulling it out of the closet and putting it right on, in hopes that it would keep me dry the next time I headed out the door. Don't you love that, when realize that you have the most perfect coat, blouse, dress, etc., that would work perfectly and it's already sitting at home for you? Such a good feeling!

Yesterday's rain also left me feeling crazy nostalgic and in the mood to listen to Something Corporate's beloved song Konstantine. Growing up, this was the song that every knew and loved more than you can imagine. Apparently this was just at my high school, however, because before Scott and I got together (6+ years ago!) he had never heard it before, as metal and hardcore music was more the scene at his high school (I may have jokingly asked him to sing me a Dimmu Borgir song as I serenaded him with Konstantine, bahaha).

Outfit details:
Trench coat: Target
Sweater: Madewell
Watch: Fossil
Booties: c/o Blowfish Shoes

Today I have more readings to catch up on (I'm a seriously slow reader when it comes to textbooks), a few errands to run, a drive to make to visit my grandma (who's doing well by the way - thank you for all of the well wishes, sweet friends!), and a class to attend this evening. I'm also thinking that a run up to a nearby coffee shop for a hot coffee is in order asap, as it is chilly right now (even inside my house!).

What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? What's your favorite hot beverage?
-Chelsea xo


  1. I have to agree with you... That spot in by Mill Ave bridge is magical.

    Wasn't the rain amazing?!

  2. Two thumbs up for Something Corporate!

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