February 13, 2013

Getting to know my Windows Phone

Remember that amazing meeting I tweeted/blogged about a few weeks ago? Well, I had the pleasure of meeting with two very sweet Seattleites who were in town on behalf of their client, Microsoft (Did I really just say that? Yes, yes I did!). About a week prior to our meeting I received a very exciting email with  an amazing opportunity that I just couldn't pass up - a meeting to learn about, and experience the new Windows Phone. I immediately replied with a big old "I would LOVE to," and set up a coffee shop meeting for the following week.

Knowing that I was only asked for fifteen minutes of my time, I wasn't quite sure what to expected during our the meeting. However, once we sat down, coffees in hand (SO happy I asked to meet at my favorite coffee shop, Lola Coffee, as I think they were quite impressed), our conversations came easy and we spent a good hour+ talking about the new Windows phone (operating system, apps, photo quality, and my favorite quality - the fashionability aspect of the phone). Being that I've been an iPhone girl for a few years now, I found it very refreshing to learn about a new operating system/phone, and thought it was extra, extra cool that I got to learn about it from someone who has already spent so much time learning about it themselves.

During our meeting I got to check out the Windows phone 8x by HTC, as well as the Nokia Lumia 920. Both phones use the same Windows 8 operating system, but each has its own style and special qualities. Among both phones, I was way impressed with their SkyDrive system (online access to files, photos, etc., + free 7gb of space included), as well as the camera quality, crystal clear screens, and also the fun colors that the phones come in. Throughout our conversation we also talked about how fashion influences our technology, and vice versa - something that has definitely crossed my mind a few times. Since our meeting this has something I've been thinking about quite a bit lately, and I'm curious to know what  are your thoughts on this?

(an accidental photo that my pal Josh took while checking out the phone).

Anyways, before we parted ways I was very graciously give my very own Windows Phone 8x by HTC to  play around with and enjoy. I had a few different color options to go with, but I felt that the blue matched most well with my personality and style (and the blue tweed jacket I was wearing that day!). Over the past few weeks I've really enjoyed customizing it and making it my own, all the while majorly loving the camera, and also the live tiles (which gives me updates on my friends + social media sites). I've really had a great experience with the phone so far, and plan on blogging about some of my favorite features in the near future. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a VERY exciting giveaway coming soon (hint, hint: you're not going to want to miss this one).

Do any of you have a Windows Phone? 8x by HTC or Nokia Lumia 920? If so, I would love to hear about your experience with it? If you don't, tell me if you would be interested in checking one out!
-Chelsea xo

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  1. i am in dire need of a new phone soon so this phone and the iphone caught my eye. i def appreciated this review, friend. thanks so much! :) and if there was an opportunity to check out one for myself, i def would be game! i think the red ones are cute. :) happy wednesday, chelsea!