February 17, 2013

Week 7 Wrap-Up

This past week/weekend was spent obsessing over my Comps Exams, visiting grandma, celebrating Valentine's Day with my Valentine of seven years, welcoming the newest addition into our family (little Miss Piper), and not drinking enough coffee (resulting in two very sleepy Scott and Chelsea). 

1. My friend Sarah inspired me to pull out my Daphne moisturizing lipstick from Radiant Cosmetics -such a fun, springy color! // 2. Had a bonfire on a slightly chilly evening with a few sweet friends. // 3. Scott gave me the most beautiful flowers and vase for Valentine's Day. // 4. I also busted out Too Faced's lip cream in Stiletto Red this weekend! One of my favorite reds!

3 Weekly Favorites:
1. Piper, the newest addition to our family! She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (same as Scout), but is tri-colored and definitely sassy! 
2. Federal Pizza! Scott and I went there for V-Day dinner and it was delicious! 
3. Hummingbird by Local Natives - this is the only album that has been playing in my car for weeks now!

2  Hopes for the New Week:
1. That I get SO much school work done this coming week!
2. That it's sandal weather! 

1 Last Thought:
What happened to week 6 wrap-up? Ooops! Totally dropped the ball, friends! Are you enjoying these wrap-ups? 

How was your weekend? What are you most looking forward to this week? What's your favorite snack?
-Chelsea xo

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