March 16, 2013

Seattle Wears

As of now, the plan is to be in Seattle toward the middle of next month. Just the thought of being in Seattle is making me feel all kinds of wanderlust, and wishing I could be there right this second.

Madewell sweater, Madewell oxfords,  Madewell satchel, Gap leggings, Madewell umbrella, OPI's You Don't Know Jacques

Until I can hop on that jet plane and land in the Pacific Northwest, I'll just have to continue to daydream of my perfect outfit for running around in the Seattle drizzle. Comfy jeans, a cozy sweater, rain appropriate oxfords, the perfect traveling bag, an umbrella for that non-stop drizzle I can't wait for, and a lovely polish to wrap everything up together. Seattle, I'm coming for you (soon).

Have you ever visited Seattle for? If so, what are some of your favorite places/coffee shops around there?
-Chelsea xo


  1. Oh man, I LOOOVVVEEEE Seattle. I visited briefly last year, and didn't have a lot of time to visit all of the restaurants/coffee shops that I wanted to. The places that I still have on my Urbanspoon list are Sitka & Spruce, Tilth, Molly Moon, Stumptown and Purple Cafe & Wine.

    So excited for you! And jealous!

  2. I'm originally from a town just north of Seattle (Mt. Vernon)...and if you're in Seattle in April you should head north for the annual Tulip Festival (fields and fields of beautiful flowers)....but I also lived in Seattle for a few years and probably my most favorite coffee shop is Cafe Fiore on Crown Hill/Ballard. It's an adorable spot and after you've had your coffee you can head down to the beach and soak in the beautiful views of the Olympic mountains. Have so much fun!!

  3. I second the Cafe Fiore recommendation. If you want a delicious mocha go to cafe d'arte, it's close to Pike Place so then you can walk around the market! And Paseos is an absolute must ( the best Cuban food ever. Finally, The Whale Wins in Fremont is a gorgeous little restaurant with amazing roast chicken.

  4. Seattle is definitely on my list of places to travel! I love that sweater and the travel bag, super cute!

  5. Seattle is one of my favorite places ever. I hope to live there one day. When I was there in April (far too long ago) it was actually very nice and sunny. I wished I had worn a tank top!

    Last time was there (October 2011), I had dinner at this Italian restaurant called the Pink Door. Some of the best Italian food I've ever had and I got to take in a burlesque show afterwards in their bar/lounge.

  6. Yay for Seattle!! You're going to have SO much fun here! I'm still in the process of learning the city myself, but if you need further recommendations of things to do/see/eat/drink/buy send me a message! :) -Rachel

  7. Seattle is great! I'll be there on the 27th for a PNW blogger meet up! You should totally try to get to Delancey. It is the best pizza I've ever had. Also the wayward cafe is really awesome and vegan!