March 31, 2013

Week 13 Wrap-Up

1. Spending time with my favorite guy, grabbing coffees and our graduation attire downtown! // 2. My daily dose and favorite iced coffee ever. // 3. New makeup goodie to brighten my day (and face). // 4. Checking out the new Cartel downtown location with my love.

3 Weekly Favorites:
1. Picking up my cap, gown, tassel, and fancy graduate hood in preparation for my big graduation ceremony in May! Woohoo!
2. Seeing Scott in his graduation attire - cap, gown, tassel and all. I am beyond proud of him!
3. Finishing my comps exams and taking a few days to relax. Ready to hear my results, though!

2  Hopes for the New Week:
1. That I get caught up on homework and emails that I've been neglecting (darn comps!).
2.  That the first week of April is just lovely!

1 Last Thought:
I'm loving the new The Strokes album, Comedown Machine. They've always been my happy music! Have you heard it yet?

How has your weekend been? What are you up to today? Favorite spring nail polish?
-Chelsea xo

1 comment:

  1. I love the Strokes but haven't picked up the album yet!! I might just go and do that now! Congratulations on graduating (or soon to be anyway) :)