April 23, 2013

Mirror, Mirror

Just thought it would be fun to share a lovely app that I've been obsessing over lately, Mirrorgram! I learned about this sweet app via my friend, Chelsea, and have since found myself wanting to use it every day (because what's better than a cute pair of shoes and an iced coffee..well...two cute pairs of shoes and two iced coffees!). I always love learning about fun new apps, and thought you all might appreciate this fairly recent find as well! Let me know if you use it, or if you have any other favorite apps (they don't have to just be camera apps either).

What app(s) have you been loving lately?
-Chelsea xo
PS I'm in LOVE with this Deerkskin Soft-T mocs in the color champagne from Minnetonka Moccasins! Like WOW!


  1. Fun!! As if I need another photo editing app on my phone but looks like I need to go download this bad boy!

    I really love Vsco Cam (of course), Whitagram (so you don't have to crop any of your pictures), Hipstagram, Picfx and Afterlight

  2. Officially downloading Mirrorgram right now!
    Afterlight is my favorite app of the moment - they have the best filters! I love adding a white border, too.


  3. This really looks like fun, must download it at once!
    Actually I have found a really cool app for my web browser the other day called aVoid, which helps you avoid buying from brands that rely on child labour. I usually (really!) hate this kind of self-promotion, but I wrote about it today on my blog! You can check it out if you like :) http://www.hannasplaces.com/2013/the-little-things-avoid/#more-29

  4. I've been wondering what app this was!! THANKS!