April 15, 2013

Week 15 Wrap-Up

1. Channeling my inner festival going style, Minnetonka Mocs included! // 2. Ikea date with my favorite guy! // 3. Miss Piper is getting SO big (and looking so cute with pink clips in her hair). // 4. Iced coffee from the Shine Coffee walk-up shop!

3 Weekly Favorites:
1. Picking up my first Makeup Forever lipstick in a shade that is very Phoenix Style Collective.
2. Scott and I spending time Saturday evening with our sweet friends Sarah and Josh in downtown Phoenix.
3. Watching the MTV Movie Awards - Rebel Wilson just kills me! 

2  Hopes for the New Week:
1. That my group and I kick butt during our presentation Monday (talking about identity an gender within the context of instagram photos - crazy to think this is a hot topic in this day and age). 
2. Wrapping up a few last minute details for the 2013 Arizona Blogger Conference (less than two weeks away!). Did you get your ticket yet? Don't wait!

1 Last Thought:
Did you see the Catching Fire trailer last night? SO exciting! 

How has your weekend been? What are you most looking forward to this week? What's your most worn lipstick shade?
-Chelsea xo

1 comment:

  1. I need to branch out into lipstick, but I am taking it slow with this whole makeup thing! I just bought eye liner and mascara so we will see how that goes haha!

    I hope your presentation went well!