May 28, 2013

Liberty Date

With our new everyday routine in full swing, Scott and I have been trying to squeeze in date nights whenever we can. Two weekends ago we headed to one of our favorite local restaurants, Liberty Market, because we heard they were serving up peach cobbler as their special weekend dessert. Since we're both peach lovers, we figured it was a good enough excuse to get out and have a date night. Liberty Market has been one of our favorite local restaurants for years now, and every time we go there we seem to run into somebody we know. It might be cheesy, but Liberty Market really feels like home!

On another note, the outcome of visiting my sweet friend Courtney at her work always to leads to me walking out with a Madewell bag in hand and a much "needed" purchase. I say needed, but really when the sales are that good and you have a best friend who is an enabler (haha - love you, Court), it's hard to say no. This striped dress was the outcome of one of my recent visits to see Court. Since I'll be spending most of my summer this year in Phoenix, I figured I was in need of a few more dresses to combat the summer temperatures I know we'll be getting soon. Today it's only 91 degrees, and we have the most beautiful cloudy skies shading us from the that blazing Phoenix sun. Crossing my fingers it stays this way for a few more weeks!

That fiancé of mine sure is cute! We've been having so much fun calling each other fiancé and fiancee lately, and dreaming about our wedding day. I feel SO lucky that I get to marry this sweet man. I've been dreaming about this ever since we met 6 1/2 years ago, and I just know that being married is going to be the most amazing experience ever.

I received these darling Cricket wedges from Blowfish Shoes earlier this month and I feel almost shocked that they are just now making their way to the blog. I've been obsessed with these lately, and love how I can wear them with a very casual outfit for running around town, or for an afternoon at work. Today they are an extra 25% off and you get free shipping on the Blowfish Shoes website. I just might have to pick up the tan color as well!

For dinner at Liberty Market, Scott had the special - a pulled pork sandwich with some delicious green beans, and I had my favorite Farmer sandwich with a side of potato salad. For dessert we split a mini peach cobbler, which was delicious and made with locally grown peaches. It's crazy to think that peaches can grown in this hot, hot weather we have down here, but it's pretty nice because they get harvested much earlier than most peaches do. Which is great because peaches are my favorite fruit EVER!

Outfit details:
Dress: Madewell
Bracelets: Kate Spade & Pandora
Bag: Kate Spade
Cricket wedges: c/o Blowfish Shoes

This morning I had a great meeting with my team, and this afternoon I have some errands to run before I settle in to do some work tonight. Scott and I are going on a trip to Louisville, Kentucky next week and I would love to hear if you have any suggestions of places to check out while were there. We love all of the tourist spots, but would also love to hear any coffee shop, restaurant, and and other neat recommendations you may have. Thanks in advance!

What do you like to for date night? If you're local, have you checked out Liberty Market before? What's your favorite way to keep cool in the summer?
-Chelsea xo


  1. You're coming to Louisville?! That's AWESOME! Definitely check out the Highlands area, and Butchertown/Market Street. The Butchertown Art Fair is this Saturday and Sunday if you'll be in then. Frankfort Avenue and Bardstown Road are also adorable streets with lots of shops and restaurants. Any restaurant on either of those are amazing. Santa Fe is a small taqueria near UL that has amazing tacos. My city is very active on yelp so you can't go wrong. St James Court is beautiful for a nice walk. Our parks are amazing, and I'm especially found of Cherokee because I live near it. I'd stay away from West Louisville, because it can get a little sketchy. If I think of anything else I'll come back!

    1. Also the 21C hotel has a 24/7 modern art gallery. Im fairly new to the city so I havent made it there yet but Ive heard good things.

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  2. This whole outfit is pretty much perfect. The dress...that bag (I swear you always have the best bags!) I Looovvveee Liberty Market...almost as much as I love that friend Courtney of yours;) You two are too adorable....and if you think saying fiance is fun...wait until you call him husband;)

  3. You look so amazing in this Chelsea!! So grown up and mature but in a youthful way! Maybe it's because you're engaged now, hehe :) Either way, you look great!

  4. Oh Chelsea this dress is just AMAZING on you. You look so stunning! :) Enjoy your trip!