May 31, 2013

Milanos Music

I feel like the only appropriate way to start this post is with a quote from Grease. "Sandy, you've changed! "Tell me about it, stud." This quote has literally been coming out of my mouth for years now - it's from my favorite part in the film when Sandy reveals her new, biker chic look to Danny for the first time. Well, I can hardly say that I'm Sandy, but this outfit sure made me feel like I had at least a tiny ounce of her spirit in me.

Picking a spot to take these photos at came easy - Milanos Music Center. Their rocking music shop has been a Valley staple since 1946 when it opened as an accordion studio. Growing up everyone went to Milanos to pick out their first musical instrument, including myself (the flute, if you were wondering). Today it still stands as a well loved, and well visited music center. It's one of those places everyone knows about and loves, and to be quite honest, it will always hold a very special place in my musical heart. Like their website says, "Milanos Means Music."

A classic red lip (my favorite red from NYX Cosmetics - their jumbo lip pencil in Plush Red), and this dreamy skirt from Lily & Violet really pulled this entire outfit together for me. I love the whole idea of playing a character when you get dressed everyone morning, and how different outfits can make you feel different ways. I guess that's why I love personal style so much - the options are endless and it's all just for fun!

Outfit details:
Faux leather jacket: c/o Jcpenney
Top: Target
Bracelets: Threads & Kate Spade
Tulle Me Twice skirt: c/o Lily & Violet 
Sandals: Madewell

The weekend is almost here and Scott and I have some major packing to do. Our trip to Louisville, Kentucky starts Monday and we still have quite a few things to knock off our to-do list before we march onto that plane at 7am (so early - will need LOTS of coffee).

What are your plans for the weekend? If you're local (or even not), have you checked out Milanos before? Did you get your first instrument there? Did you know that one of the members of Jimmy Eat World family owns the shop? Now that's cool!
-Chelsea xo


  1. This outfit is PERFECTION!

    PS- should we still expect a special all-about-the-engagement-post?!

  2. Enjoy your trip, Chelsea! And my goodness, I LOVE this outfit it's absolutely one of my favourites of yours. I might need to get that skirt, so stunning! xo

  3. you have such great style! :)

  4. GAH, I looooove this look. So freakin cute!

  5. Favorite outfit of yours ever. Hands down!