May 20, 2013

Week 20 Wrap-Up

1. My sweet pals Elsie and Emma recently launched their A Beautiful Mess app and I was so excited to check it out. I been loving the photo filters, and the fonts - you really can't beat Elsie's adorable handwriting! // 2. "Would my fiancĂ© like to look at wedding magazines?" "Yes, I think she would." Melt my heart! // 3. Had a very parisian moment with these goodies from NYX Cosmetics the other day.  4. Loved spotting some of my favorite local couples in the Frances Love's Summer Guide.

3 Weekly Favorites:
1. Seeing The Great Gatsby with my fiancé. Growing up I loved the book, so I was excited to see how the new film adaptation would be. Considering movies are always a little different than the books they are portraying, I did really love the film. The costumes were magnificent, and the locations were incredible. The only issue I have is with the non-3D version feeling like it's trying to be 3D (weird angles and shots), but you win some, you lose some.
2. Spending time with my dad. It's as simple as that! 
3. Seeing Star Trek and slightly nerding out. 

2  Hopes for the New Week:
1. That I get CS6 loaded onto my new computer - can't live without it! 
2. That my transition into my new routine goes smoothly - a continually hope.

1 Last Thought:
I'm looking for fun places to visit/check out this summer in the Phoenix area/state of Arizona, and would love to hear what are some of your favorite places to visit/eat/shop at in these areas?

How was your weekend? What are you most looking forward to this summer?
-Chelsea xo

1 comment:

  1. I really enjoyed Gatsby too! Always nice when a beloved book makes it to the screen in a way that doesn't destroy my soul, haha. I've yet to see Star Trek, but am pretty excited about it!