June 11, 2013

Sunergos Coffee

During the days leading up to our Kentucky trip, Scott and I searched online for some interesting coffee shops to check out while we were in Louisville. Together we gathered a handful of shop names and put them on our "to-do" list, and once we got to Louisville we were pleasantly surprised to find numerous coffee shops (a few already on our list) lining the streets close to Scott's grandparents' home, and also to receive a few more suggestions along the way. During our last morning in Louisville, we headed to Nord's bakery for the best donuts in town (or so we heard), and a stop at Sunergos Coffee - Scott's very hip aunt's favorite coffee shop!

The atmosphere in Sunergos definitely reminded me of the coffee shops we have in Phoenix. Hip, personal coffee roaster in house, and fancy coffee accessories to boot. We ordered a pour-over to share, and took a spot by the window so we could enjoy our coffee, the shop in full perspective, and our donuts (we got four because we just couldn't choose).

The coffee was delicious, and the donuts were equally as good (maybe even better - as much as I love coffee, donuts are my second love). We shared a chocolate long john, a coconut long john, some kind of crumble, and a raspberry filled one - which was by far our favorite. I believe the coffee we had was the Tanzania Peaberry, but don't quote me on that.

I adored these photo sets that lined the coffee shops walls. I never found the photographers name, but loved the realness of all of the photos.

This hanging coffee mug, origami tree branch also caught my eye - I love unique decorations like this.

On our way out I also spotted a poster for the band Local Natives - a longtime favorite! They're playing tonight at Headliners Music Hall, so if you're in town - check them out!

Have you ever been to Sunergos Coffee before? How do you like your coffee?

-Chelsea xo

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  1. My favourite thing to do when I'm traveling is hunt down great local coffee shops. I saw Local Natives at Sasquatch a few years back and ugghhh... So amazing.