June 23, 2013

Working On My Work Space

With my official start date marked on the calendar, I've been searching for some desk space inspiration for my new home away from home. I've never really had an office space like this that I could decorate and make my own, so I'm very much looking forward to filling it with items that reflect who I am and can put a smile on my face during the work day. I've noticed that the desks in my office vary in decor - from full on Star Wars theme, to minimalist at its best. I'm thinking that I want to be somewhere in the middle - filled with enough items to really feel and look like someone works in the space every day, but clean enough to not look messy and overwhelming. The images above (all pinned to my Work Space Pinterest board) been serving as inspiration for my soon-to-be work space.

What does you work space look like? Do you have any favorite Etsy shops for nice prints or unique coffee mugs?
-Chelsea xo


  1. Mine definitely reflects who I am! And there may be a few too many Christmas decorations hanging around it as well (I love Christmas!). Have fun decorating yours!

  2. I think it's so important to be intentional about your work space! I love having a lamp (just a simple one from Target), a bold calendar, wooden pencil/highliter holder, and a couple of cheery desk plants. I have cubicle walls and I've been wanting to cover them with a modern fabric and I'd love to get some design-y prints to tack up. I also like having a coffee mug and a plate and bowl to use for lunch, just feels home-y. Have fun, show us pics when you decorate!

  3. I've been in the process of putting together my work space lately too! Moving to a new place soon and recently picked up some adorable pieces that I hope will create a minimalist look with a vintage-inspired twist. http://bit.ly/DesktopDetails

  4. Thank you all SO much for sharing your inspiration! I enjoyed reading your posts and can't wait to share my own space soon! You're the best! xo