July 15, 2013

InVESTed in Summer

I'll be the first to admit, summer has never really been my favorite season. However, with a new schedule and deciding to stick around AZ for the summer (first time ever!), I've been trying my best to make the most of this season - one iced coffee, trip to the mall to beat the heat, and summer photo shoot with my love at a time.

I picked up this vest before we headed to Kentucky in June and have worn it non-stop since. During my late teen years I had a jean vest that I bought from Urban that I wore all the time - in fact, I still wear it every once and awhile - and this vest feels like version 2.0 of an old favorite.

Outfit details:
Vest: Target
Top: Ann Taylor Necklace: c/o Black & Bronze
Lipstick: Nars' Heat Wave
Jeans: Levi's
Bag: Madewell
Flats: Dolce Vita

This afternoon I've got a trip to Starbucks in mind (there's one fairly close to my new office), and tonight I plan on getting caught up on a few blog related items and maybe working on a few wedding details with my sweet fiancĂ©.

What has been keeping you busy this summer? What are you up to today?
-Chelsea xo


  1. You're looking gorgeous. Love the red lips + that vest is fantastic!! Oooh and the bag & flats are making me swoon! Happy wedding planning too!! xo

  2. Love the look!

    I know what you mean about summer..everyone else is raving about the sun and warmth. I like sun but really hate sweating!! Fashion wise spring and fall are the best :)

  3. Love everything about this look.

  4. I spy your black&bronze necklace!! YAY :)

  5. Love the vest! And I really love your bag!