July 22, 2013

Peach Pickin'

Sharing these photos is well over due, as they were taken back in May on a beautifully cool day, but since they include one of my favorite yearly activities (peach picking!) I thought I would still go ahead and post them. Every May Scott and I got peach picking - usually at Schnepf Farms - and come home with a bag full of tiny peaches and a satisfied look on our faces (because where else can you pick fruit - other than oranges, lemons, and grapefruits - around this area?

We got to the farm pretty early and spent around an hour checking out all of the booths (we went during the actual Peach Festival), and picking out the perfect peaches to bring home with us. Per usual, we took the unmarked path out to the peach orchard (somehow we always end up off the trail), and ending up going up and down the orchards looking for any nice sized peaches that were left unpicked (we went pretty late in the season).

Scott has always been great at spotting the perfect peach, whether it be up high or down low. He also always seems to find the best ways to enjoy the fruits of our labor, and has made peach desserts and peach pancakes in the past - this year we had peach cobbler!
He will always be the peach of my eye!

Outfit details:
Hat: c/o Jcpenney
Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples
Dress: c/o Mixie
Belt: F21
Sandals: Saltwater Sandals

I started off my morning today with a 7am doctor's appointment, but followed it up with a stop at The Coffee Shop in Gilbert on my way to work (best cupcakes of my life!). Work has been busy, busy, but I'm excited that the day is moving by fast and that I Scott and I are going to Liberty Market after work to celebrate their E61 espresso machine's birthday with a free cappuccino!

What's your favorite summertime activity? What are you up to today?
-Chelsea xo


  1. cute outfit! For summer here in Maine we love to go strawberry picking in June and of course blueberry raking in July and then apple picking in the Fall-lots of fun and a great way to enjoy fresh fruits!

  2. May! My goodness, I thought I was bad when I had photos hanging around for more than a week.
    Still, love this dress, it's adorable!
    Chic on the Cheap

  3. I love your outfit, you look darling! Peach picking looks like so much fun and all of the treats you two made sound super yummy :)

  4. Peach season just kicked off here, and I'm always saddened by the fact that it seems so short! I can never get enough peaches. Picking them sounds absolutely fantastic, but there are no places in this area that I know of. We do have an annual strawberry festival though, which is SO much fun!

  5. You two are the cutest! Lovely outfit!

  6. Oh dear. I have some delicious peaches in my fridge right now....might have to go grab one!

  7. Larry and I need to get there!! We would love this!

  8. You. Look. Adorable! That dress is perfect and OMG the hat. Babe.