July 29, 2013

West Coast

While listening to some random Pandora Station this weekend, West Coast by Coconut Records popped on. I've loved this song for years now (wasn't it on an episode of The OC?), and I feel like each time I hear it, it just gets better and better. Scott still isn't convinced that it's really Jason Schwartman singing (I can see how it might be hard to believe the connection between his voice and the actor we've grown to love), but we both really dig his music. I'm thinking it's about time for a new record, and I'm crossing my fingers for an annoucement one of these days - perhaps on my favorite music website from high school - Pitchfork (ohh, I thought I was so cool looking at this on the library computers using a proxy (?) and reading up on my fav musicians - haha, oh being a teenager was fun).

Speaking of music, I've been on the hunt for some new jams to check out lately. Occasionally, I feel like I get into a musical slump where I only listen to albums that were recorded 10+ years ago (which is nice, but not always relevant). When the fall rolls around, I always find myself searching for that perfect album that will set the season - so this year I figured I would start a little early and ask for any and all suggestions from you, my sweet readers! What have you been listening to lately?

Albums from ten years ago (hello Copeland's The Medicine Tree and The Format's Interventions and Lullabies) have not been the only thing on rotation lately - this sweet Bloom necklace from Shore Handmade Jewelry, curated by my sweet friend Veronika of By The Shore (formerly Girl and Closet), has been on major rotation lately. I love how dainty and sweet the necklace is, and how it can be mixed and matched with anything in my wardrobe. I can also tell it really was made with a lot of love and care, and will certainly be a piece that I wear and love for years to come. Keep your eyes peeled, you just may see a giveaway from Shore around here sometime very soon!

Outfit details:
Sweater: c/o Jcpenney
Top: Ann Taylor
Bloom necklace: c/o Shore Handmade Jewelry
Bracelet & watch: Kate Spade & Fossil
Bag: Madewell
Leopard Kilty Mocs: c/o Minnetonka Moccasins

I plan on starting off the morning with a giant iced coffee, followed by a busy work day, and topped off with a trip to Target for "back to school supplies." I still get to purchase those even though I'm not headed back to school this fall, right? Please tell me yes!

What are you up to today? What song and/or band are you loving right now?
-Chelsea xo


  1. Ahh, Copeland brings back so many memories from high school. Lately, I've been listening to the newest records by Paramore and Eisley. I just discovered Lily & Madeleine recently and have really been enjoying their music. Hope this helps!

  2. Chelsea, this is such a gorgeous post and thank you for all of your sweet words about my shop!! :) I'm thrilled to know you're enjoying the necklace... and could your moccasins be any cuter? I'm thinking I need to get a pair for the fall!! <3

  3. Are you on rdio, Chelsea? I think it's the best way to find new music! Come find me if you're on or if you join!

  4. It was on an episode of the OC! Love it! Agreed with the comment above. Rdio is the best place to find new music.