August 6, 2013

Citizen Home Decor

I have some very exciting news! After years of encouragement and creating handmade pieces in his spare time, my sweet fiancé, Scott, has officially opened up an Etsy shop - Citizen Home Decor! Right now he is focusing on making Arizona plaques out of wood and vinyl records, but he is also open to making custom pieces of any states (and other shapes as well, per request) that you may have in mind! A few of his Arizona plaques are currently on sale at Frances Vintage in downtown Phoenix, and more will be making their way to their cute shop soon. He's very excited about this new endeavor, and we both really appreciate all of the support he's received online! Check out Citizen Home Decor - it would make our day!

What shape would you like to see carved out of wood or vinyl?
-Chelsea (and Scott!) xo


  1. These are incredible! Scott is so very, very talented. It doesn't hurt that I've been a sucker for state-shaped home goods since I first saw a PA cutting board, haha :)

  2. So obsessed with all of these!! Can't get enough!

  3. Those are amazing, I love them! He should make some of the other states as well (Ohio! *hint hint*)

  4. Congratulations!! These look SO cute! One day when we have a bigger budget I'd love to grab one of the wooden ones! <3 <3