September 4, 2013

Chasing September

Happy September! I've been waiting for this month all year long and I'm so happy that I can finally indulge in my fall addiction and not be scolded for it (even if it is still in the 100's here, I'm going to enjoy the heck out of the start of fall). September has always meant getting back into the groove of school, sipping on PSLs, dreaming up my fall wardrobe, searching high and low for the perfect cardigan, and having a surge of inspiration and a feeling of refreshment toward this blog own mine (a feeling I've yet again experienced and a challenge that I'm ready to take on). While this September is a little different, with not going back to school and working full time, I still have the itch to work on my fall wardrobe, sip on cool weather drinks, continue my hunt for the perfect cardigan, and work harder on this blog of mine - which will include a new blog design! September really is a magical month and I'm ready to indulge in all of the fall goodness that I can in this hot, hot city of mine.

My sweet friend Adrianna sent me this darling fox scarf a few weeks back and I've been itching to wear it. I adore the print, and also love how versatile it is - you could wear it around your neck, in your hair, or tied to your favorite bag (loved how Kristine styled it up on the Le Mode website). Adrianna and I have been friends for years now (we actually met through my blog!) and I feel like she's my style sole sister. Every time I see her she's decked out in bracelets and is carrying the cutest the bag I've ever seen. Her great taste has transferred over to her online shop, which is currently stocked with so many cute accessories, and I can bet that some new fall pieces will be coming in very soon.

NYX Cosmetics sent me some of their amazing makeup a few months back and I've been dreaming of makeup tutorials/beauty posts to feature here. Are there any kind of beauty related posts that you would like to see? Let me know in the comments below!

Outfit details:
Lipstick: Indie Flick c/o NYX Cosmetics
Cardigan: Last Chance
Chasing The Fox Scarf: c/o Shop Le Mode
Top: Ann Taylor
Bracelets: Kate Spade + random
Jeans: Levi's
Cricket wedges: c/o Blowfish Shoes

Last night I spent some time at my local Madewell (Scottsdale location) getting ready for the denim event that I'm hosting this Saturday, September 7th from noon to 2pm. I pulled a rack of my favorite fall styles to feature the day of, and planned out where our barista, Perry of The Coffee Chop, will be slinging drinks. I am SO excited for this event and hope to see many of you local gals and gents there! Come for denim, coffee, tasty macarons from Essence Bakery, and a special discount (hint, hint - it's a good one!). Everyone is welcome so please don't feel shy and stop by!

-Chelsea xo


  1. I wish I lived there, so that I could go to your event! Ah, well.

    Good on you for being so covered up when it's cookin' hot out. I can barely stand even wearing jeans and a tank right now. Can't wait for fall!

  2. You look gorgeous lady! Love that lipstick on you! xo

  3. You look beautiful as always, love the bold lipcolor and that cute fox scarf!