September 19, 2013

Full On Fall

I did it - I went full on fall! I've been slowly incorporating more of my favorite fall pieces into my daily wears, usually opting for some kind of warm weather friendly basic, and a more fall appropriate accessory. Yesterday, though, I decided to go full on fall and pull out a new dress that I picked up from Tieka's shop my closet, my favorite black tights, and a new pair of booties (the Ginnifers!) from Blowfish Shoes for our evening walk around downtown with the pups. There was a cool breeze in the air and crinkly leaves on the ground (no, really!) and I took it all as a sign that fall is oh so close - only three more days until the season officially starts!

Since the season is almost here, I've been planning out all of the fall adventures Scott and I should go on - a trip to the pumpkin patch, exploring the cornfields by my folks new place, tracking down apple cider donuts (do these even exist in Arizona? please fill me in on where I could find them and/or make them!), going on a hayride, carving pumpkins, decorating (Target has THE best fall decor right now!), and taking our engagement photos with our sweet photographer - Sarah of Arrow and Apple!

It's been SO nice having the pups around lately - they've been traveling with my folks and I've missed them dearly. Scott and I took a whole slew of photos with them, which I plan on sharing more of a little later. They're growing up so quickly and are really growing into their personalities. Scout is sweet, timid, and sensitive, while Piper is adventurous, snuggly, and slightly wild. They're both equally loveable, and would give you kisses all day long if you would let them. They're truly the biggest spots of sunshine in our life!

Outfit details:
Hat: Target
Dress: from Tieka's Shop My Closet
Bracelet: Vintage
Tights: c/o We Love Colors
Ginnifer booties : c/o Blowfish Shoes

Today I'm sipping on hot coffee and talking wedding plans with my sweet bridesmaid, Courtney. We're talking dresses and bridal showers! ECK! Also, I wanted to share that I'll be contributing to the BF Style Mavens Pinterest board over on Blowfish Shoes' Pinterest page. We're just getting it going now, but I forsee it being filled with so many stylish ladies and looks over the fall season! Ps are we friends on Pinterest? I've been pinning up a storm lately!
-Chelsea xo


  1. I'm in LOVE with Tieka's dress on you - it looks so pretty on and you couldn't have done a better job styling it. So lovely!!

    By The Shore

  2. Love your outfit and your hat is lovely! Your pup, Scout is growing ;) so cute! Cavaliers are the sweetest dogs in the world. Wish you and your little family a wonderful season ;)

  3. That dress is perfect on you! And of course, I love the Blowfish Shoes. :) xoxo

  4. the dress is very pretty!!and it suited you perfectly xo