September 11, 2013

Our Train Tracks

Train tracks have always kind of been my thing. I grew up near a set of train tracks, and took comfort in hearing the train's horn late at night. Train tracks have also been a staple in this blog of mine, always posing as the perfect spot for a set of outfit photos (see favorites here, here and here), and nowadays I have my very own set of train tracks right next to my parent's property (or The Orchard, as they like to call it). Technically the tracks are not owned by my folks, but I plan on claiming them nonetheless. My parents spent eight long months working on purchasing their now property (having land surveys done, working on piles upon piles of paperwork, and having the well checked), and on my 25th birthday they officially signed the paperwork and got their keys to their house and their giant property. Even though I'm getting older and about to start a new, and very exciting chapter in life (wifey life est. January 2014!), it's nice know that this special place will always feel like home.

On Saturday Scott and I drove out to the property, hoping to beat the sunset before we could snap a few photos. This is the time of year where the light is getting tricky, and every day the sun seems to set earlier, and earlier. During the work week it's getting even harder to take outfit photos, as we usually only have an hour or so time window to take photos in before it's dark. For now, we're making it work and I'm loving all of the warm light that surrounds us on the evenings we do get got during that coveted golden hour.

Scott and I were invited to attend the Johnny Cupcakes lecture today at the Phoenix Art Museum. We've both been fans of Johnny's for years (seeing him back in 2009?, and then checking out his Coffin Tour pop up shop last October), so we're excited to listen to his talk on "how to start or grow a unique biz with little to no start up money."We'll be heading there straight after work and meeting up with Josh and Sarah, and also hopefully some of you! Let me know if you'll be attending the Phoenix lecture, or another one of his lectures in your town! xo

Outfit details:
Hat: Target
Dress: Levi's
Necklace: from Mariebee years ago
Tote: Madewell
Flats: Madewell


  1. beautiful pictures, your long pretty hair is so dreamy!

  2. That dress is so cute & I love the pops of red.

  3. Man that hat is perfect!! If you're near a Target again & see one, I would pay you to ship me one...seriously ;)

  4. My childhood home, where my parents still live in Austin, is near train tracks. When a train goes by you can hear the horn and it rattles the windows, at least it used to before my parents got fancy double pain windows Hearing the clickety clack and the train horn when I'm home, sleeping in my old bedroom, is so incredibly comforting. Thanks for reminding me :)