September 30, 2013

So Long September

September came and went way too quickly. This month I embraced fall with open arms, sipped on pumpkin spiced coffees, took more adventures in my own front yard, and tried on my very first wedding dress. Scott and I also spent a lot time hashing out our wedding details, hanging out with new and old friends, and catching up on Breaking Bad (still can't believe it's over!). While I'm sad to see September go, I'm excited for what October holds. Pumpkin patches, Hocus Pocus, our anniversary, Scott's birthday, and Halloween? I'm all in!

This weekend Scott and I went to our first (and last) baseball game of the season. We usually go earlier in the season, but didn't seem to make it down to the ball park until the last weekend of the season. We went with a large group of friends, and opted for high-up, five dollar seats so we could all sit together (the view from up there was amazing!). Scott and I split some ball park approved snacks, and did the wave when it came around. We may have not watched much of the game, but we did had so much fun with our friends!

Saturday and Sunday were mostly "cleaning days" at our place, with some blogging and window shopping sprinkled in. I may have purchased a few Halloween treats, cleaned up my "About Me" section on the blog, and planned out a few outfits for our October outings (Wow! Feeling so ahead!). Also, other than Sunday being the seventh anniversary of the day Scott and I first met, it was also the day I committed to taking outfit photos three years ago. I have a post planned for very soon to recap some of my favorite outfits over years, and it's still so crazy to me to think I've been positing my daily wears for over three years now! Where has the time gone?

Outfit details:
Hat: Target
Necklace: My mom's
Dress: c/o Marshalls
Ginnifer booties: c/o Blowfish Shoes

I've had a pretty busy Monday so far, but I've got plans to sip on some hot coffee and read through a few blogs for the rest of my lunch break. I love discovering new blogs, and I would love any recommendations from you all! Please leave a comment with a link or two for me to check out. Thanks, friends!

What was your favorite thing about this September? What are you most looking forward to in October?
-Chelsea xo


  1. such a cool dress! perfect Fall colours:)

  2. In September I felt new energy to work on some side projects that I'm really excited about. And of course the drop in temperatures here in the Valley, ahhhhh!

    In October looking forward to having the windows and doors open (we're finally getting screen doors, yay!) and cooking and baking fallish things.

  3. These photos are beautiful and I absolutely LOVE this outfit!! xo

  4. these might be the prettiest colors i've ever seen on you! so pretty chels!