October 1, 2013

Lady Of The Corn

Happy October! The best month of the year is finally here! I thought I would take this opportunity to start off with a spooky story! OOO! So just on the other side of the train tracks next to my parent's orchard is this giant corn field - corn as far as the eye can see - and there is no one that tends to it. When my folks moved in back in May, one of their two neighbors came over to introduce themselves. Tom the tree guy, as he calls himself, shared some info with us about the area, and how the ten acre plots were given out during the Homestead Act circa 1860. Well, one of the previous landowners, John Butrick, grew corn in this very field - until he went missing and was eventually found in the middle of the corn field dead. The cause was unknown, but some say John was poisoned by his new girlfriend and then taking on a midnight walk to the fields where he was left to die. John's girlfriend, Abigail Faulkner, was given his land and all of his belongs, for he didn't have any family left. Abigail, or the Lady of the Corn as she was later called, continued to live on land for the remainder of her life, never leaving the house other than to tend to the corn field - a chore that many neighbors questioned how she did with her small, frail stature. Some said she was a witch, and everyone avoided her, worrying that she would place a curse on them and they too would end up dead in the corn fields. To this day, the corn field is left unkept, for fear that bodies lay under the corn stalks, and that Abigail's witchy soul may be brought to life once again.

BOO! Did I send shivers down your spine? The story was made up and all for fun! They do, however, have a creepy, crazy neighbor and this corn field is often left unkept. When we were out taking these photos we did hear a lot of weird noises and Scott may have ventured out into the corn field for a little peek around (can you spot him in this photo among the corn stalks?). I'll tell you one thing, you will definitely never catch me in this corn field late at night!

Outfit details:
Sweater: Roxy via Ross
Bracelet: Vintage
Pants: UO
Shoes: Wanted

My October is off to a smashing start and I have big plans to sip on a pumpkin spiced coffee and go on a cool, breezy walk with Scott and the pups tonight! What are you up to on this very spooky first day of October?
-Chelsea xo


  1. Hahaha I loved that story! I was like "oh no she didn't!!!" until I saw that you made it up :) Fun!

    There are a ton of cotton and corn fields near my work in Buckeye and I ALWAYS want to stop and take pictures there. Maybe this year I will!

  2. Loving all your pictures and fall outfits!

  3. You totally got me!!

    You look so lovely :) Happy October!