October 2, 2013

October Dusk

My favorite time to be at The Orchard is right dusk, when the sun is almost set and the whole area is lit with a magical, dusty glow. Around this time, Scott and I usually go on a walk to take outfit photos, or just to take in the fall light and the cool breeze. Getting out and walking after a long work day is always therapeutic! Once we've made our way around the mile loop, we usually ask one another if we want to walk it again - a nod is suffice to turn around and start our trek once more. By this time, the street is dark and flashlights are an absolute must. Sometimes we hear spooky noises and howling dogs, but we figure that our souls are protected by John Butrick himself (wink, wink - did you read my spooky story yesterday?) and we have nothing to fear.

Life has been pretty crazy the past few days. We've had a few issues down at The Orchard, and thus lots of calls to repair men to fix the well, electrical boxes, and the giant hole that's now in front of the property (thanks, phone company!). Everything is coming together though, and we're getting all of the issues sorted out. Scott has been helping my folks out quite a bit lately, and I'm so proud of all of the work he has accomplished. Who knew these city folk would enjoy farm life so much? Shh - don't tell anyone I said that! ;)

Outfit details:
Blouse: Ann Taylor
Sand Timer necklace: c/o Unexpected Expectancy 
Skirt: Ross
Boots: Sam Edelman

Work has been simply crazy today, but I've been loving every minute of it. I feel so blessed to work in such a creative environment, and having my daily tasks include time spent on Pinterest and blogs (dream job!). I'm leaving a bit early today to make a 4:30 appointment, so I'm powering through my work with the help of some iced coffee and the Pitch Perfect soundtrack (still obsessed). I'm always looking for some new jams to listen to while I work, so any bands/songs/album suggestions would be much appreciate (bonus if they're fall appropriate!).

What's your favorite fall album? How's your week been?
-Chelsea xo


  1. You've done such a beautiful job styling this up, Chelsea!! Love the laid-back but polished vibe and what a gorgeous spot... I see why you guys love walking there so much!!

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  2. Your job sounds perfect! Would love to know any advice you would have for anyone looking to get into a similar position :)

    Also, your hair is seriously incredible!

  3. I love this property so much! I'd love to know more about what the plans are, if you are willing to share! Are your parents managing it as orchard? I grew up on 1.5 acres just outside of Austin, it's so wonderful to have that property to return to (and now it's a total of 3 acres since my parents have been able to buy adjacent lots). I can tell this property will be so important to your family too!

  4. I love your skirt and entire outfit! I still have yet to get to an orchard but I hope to see one in he future! It sounds like such a fun experience!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  5. Chelsea- check out Dessa's album "Parts of Speech". Its 2 parts lyrical spoken word style prose accompanied by amazing music, and one part soul crushing ballads. As a writer and word-enthusiast, I think you'll dig it.