November 26, 2013

Engagement Photos: Part II

Today I wanted to share a few more of our engagement photos, taken by our sweet friend, Sarah of Arrow and Apple. For our photos, we decided we would stick with one location for time sake, and also to keep the photos cohesive and more in the moment - opposed to running around from location to location. We also both stuck with one outfit - I did, however, have a scarf and cardigan that I threw on and off for a few of the photos (and I'm so happy that I did). We also did this for time sake, as well, and to not feel rushed during our session. In the end, we both feel completely happy with our decisions, and couldn't have asked for a better engagement photo session - running around the pistachio orchard together, making oogly eyes at one another, and kissing left and right.

Yes, my legs ARE that pale - but I think the camera did accentuate them a bit! ;)

These golden hour photos make my heart burst with joy! We thought we had miss these special few moments when this amazing glow hits the orchard, but miraculous the glow returned from behind a cloud and we got to have our moment in the warm, glowing light.

Thank you, Sarah, for capturing our happiness and everlasting love in these photos. We'll forever be grateful to have these to look back on and remember our time as a young, engaged couple!

*Photos by Arrow & Apple


  1. All of the accessories accent the pictures so well, as does the gorgeous glow!

  2. Aw, you guys!! These are just totally amazing... love the lighting, mood and both of your outfits are so lovely too! :D

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  3. These photos are seriously beautiful. They make me happy! I can't wait to celebrate your love, officially! :)