November 25, 2013

Southwest Is Best

 I spotted Elsie and Emma's "Top 10 Reasons Why Midwest is Best," and thought it would be fun to put together my own version for the Southwest (ya'll know I'm a big fan of my homestate and surrounding area!).

Without further ado:
1. Our sunsets are the most beautiful I've ever seen!
2. Our winter's are perfect!
3. We have an amazing coffee culture!
4. To much disblief, we do have all four seasons!
5. The art scene is alive and well here!
6. Great food is in abundance - pizza, mexican food, home style, etc!
7. We have a vortex!
8. One of the best Christmas songs of all time was written here - White Christmas.
9. We have one of the seven natural wonders of the world right in our backyard.
10. Our communities are warm and inviting - seriously, Phoenix is the best!

What would be your Top 10 Reasons Why ____ is Best?
-Chelsea xo


  1. Hehe! I beg to differ... :)
    I may need to do one of these on the good ole' south.

  2. I'm with Claire! But I could do a whole one just for Los Angeles!