November 27, 2013

The Last of the Pumpkins

While digging through some recent photos, I found these gems that I forgot to post from our trip to Schnepf Farms back in October. Seeing that Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I'm sure most of us will be in full-on Christmas mode come the 29th, today feels like my last chance to share these before they feel out of date (but, ya know, autumn is here to say until December 20th!). Going to Schnepf Farms is a tradition that we've held strong to for years now - the pumpkins, the corn fields, and the yummy food is something we look forward to all year long!

This year the pumpkin patch did not disappoint, and we had the best homemade brick oven pizza ever! When the sun started to set, we sat by a campfire and roasted a marshmallow or two, picked out our tiny pumpkin, and took the back roads home. Going to the pumpkin patch is something I'll always cherish during the fall, and I'm thankful that I have such a sweet guy to share these memories with year and after.

Tomorrow we're headed to the Phoenix car show with my folks, having dinner at my cousin's, stopping by Scott's mom, and then heading out to Scott's grandparents house for dessert! This is our first year where we're sticking together the whole day, and I couldn't be more excited. Since we're going to be busy this weekend at the Phoenix Flea, I'm hoping to do a little shopping either super late on Thursday, or super early on Friday. Even though it seems completely crazy, I kind of love going out early (or super late) to shop the deals - Target is always my number one stop!

Outfit details:
Button-Up: Levi's
Bag: Madewell
Jeans: Levi's
Bracelets: Jcrew & Handmade
Moccs: Minnetonka Moccasins

Are you sad to see the fall vibes go? What are you doing for the holiday? Any plans for shopping this weekend?

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friends!
-Chelsea xo

November 26, 2013

Engagement Photos: Part II

Today I wanted to share a few more of our engagement photos, taken by our sweet friend, Sarah of Arrow and Apple. For our photos, we decided we would stick with one location for time sake, and also to keep the photos cohesive and more in the moment - opposed to running around from location to location. We also both stuck with one outfit - I did, however, have a scarf and cardigan that I threw on and off for a few of the photos (and I'm so happy that I did). We also did this for time sake, as well, and to not feel rushed during our session. In the end, we both feel completely happy with our decisions, and couldn't have asked for a better engagement photo session - running around the pistachio orchard together, making oogly eyes at one another, and kissing left and right.

Yes, my legs ARE that pale - but I think the camera did accentuate them a bit! ;)

These golden hour photos make my heart burst with joy! We thought we had miss these special few moments when this amazing glow hits the orchard, but miraculous the glow returned from behind a cloud and we got to have our moment in the warm, glowing light.

Thank you, Sarah, for capturing our happiness and everlasting love in these photos. We'll forever be grateful to have these to look back on and remember our time as a young, engaged couple!

*Photos by Arrow & Apple

November 25, 2013

Phoenix Flea

This Friday and Saturday (Small Business Saturday!), November 29th and 30th, my sweet fiance, aka Citizen Home Decor, will be selling his handmade wooden plaques, coasters, and ornaments at the Phoenix Flea - a community event created to showcase local artists/entrepreneurs, and to raise support for Phoenix area nonprofits and charities. This year the flea will be benefitting the 100 Club of Arizona.

We'll be selling both day from 10am to 6pm at Heritage Square in downtown Phoenix, so please stop by, say hello, and pick up a goodie or two for you and your loved ones! It's also going to be 70 degrees and sunny, so it'll be perfect weather to kick off your holiday (local!) shopping.

Will we be seeing you there?
-Chelsea xo
PS If you stop by and bring us a hot coffee, we'll love you forever!

Southwest Is Best

 I spotted Elsie and Emma's "Top 10 Reasons Why Midwest is Best," and thought it would be fun to put together my own version for the Southwest (ya'll know I'm a big fan of my homestate and surrounding area!).

Without further ado:
1. Our sunsets are the most beautiful I've ever seen!
2. Our winter's are perfect!
3. We have an amazing coffee culture!
4. To much disblief, we do have all four seasons!
5. The art scene is alive and well here!
6. Great food is in abundance - pizza, mexican food, home style, etc!
7. We have a vortex!
8. One of the best Christmas songs of all time was written here - White Christmas.
9. We have one of the seven natural wonders of the world right in our backyard.
10. Our communities are warm and inviting - seriously, Phoenix is the best!

What would be your Top 10 Reasons Why ____ is Best?
-Chelsea xo

November 22, 2013

Dreary & Sunlit Days

November in Arizona is strange time - some days will be sunny, warm, and not so fall like, and other days will be grey, chilly, and feel like the epitomy of fall (especially when you take a walk through an old neighborhood that still has trees that change with the seaons). The past few days we've gone back and forth - sunny and dreary, dreary and sunny (and today with full on thunderstorms and rain) - but I'm not complaining. Any excuse to kept bundled up in sweaters and scarves is good in my book!

This past grey and cold Tuesday showed us the birth of a dear friends' beautiful baby girl, and the magic that lies within a full moon. Scott also put up our Christmas lights a little early (and maybe a mini gold tree!), and we spent some time hashing out more wedding details. We've been so busy that I had almost completely forgot that next week is Thanksgiving until a colleague reminded me of our holiday schedule (black friday off! yes!). This month has truly gone by too fast!
Next Friday and Saturday, November 29th and 30th, Scott, aka fiance, aka Citizen Home Decor, will be selling his hanmade wooden plaques, coasters, and ornaments at the Phoenix Flea - a community event created to showcase local artists/entrepreneurs, and to raise support for Phoenix area nonprofits and charities. We'll be selling from 10am to 6pm both days, so please stop by, say hello, and pick up a goodie or two for you and your loved ones!

Outfit details:
Sunnies: c/o TOMS
Dress: Madewell
Scarf: Levi's
Bracelets: Kate Spade
Flats: Madewell

The weekend is only hours away and I'm daydreaming about going to see Catching Fire (hopefully tonight!). Today is also my pup Piper's first birthday! I can't believe she's already one!

What are you up to this weekend?
Are you feeling the dreary, rainy day vibes today too?
-Chelsea xo

November 18, 2013

Engagement Photos: Part I

On a cool day at the end of October, our dear friend and wedding photographer, Sarah of Arrow & Apple, took our engagement photos in a pistachio orchard near our home. The last time she took our photos, we spent the afternoon wandering around downtown Phoenix. This time around, we knew we wanted something a little different, so we stuck close to home in a beautiful place that we both love. Sarah and her husband, Josh, kept us completely at ease - passing jokes back and forth and truly making the whole experience a dream. We're both absolutely thrilled with our engagement photos, and will cherish them for years to come.

*Photos by Arrow & Apple

On a side note, Scott woke me up around 5:30 a.m. today to tell me that Sarah is in labor! We're SO excited to meet Miss Imogen Rhodes, and we're sending all of our love, well wishes, and positive vibes there way.

November 14, 2013

As The Moon Waned

Toward the middle of November I always get an itch to listen to an old favorite - Bon Iver, in particual Blood Bank off of his Blook Bank EP. Something about this song sings to my heart and hits me at my core - and while it's beautiful all year round, it sounds even more amazing when it's chilly outside and everything around you is quiet and still. Do you have one of those songs that just hits you at the heart? It may sound silly, but there are certain songs that I look forward to listening during different parts of the year - Blood Bank being one.

Lately, my evenings have not only been filled with seasonly appropriate music (and I'm not talking Christmas music just yet!), and focusing every spare moment I have on our wedding. I know a spoke to this a little bit last week, but truthfully, we're knee deep in planning and our days are full - so full to the point that 9pm sounds like an acceptable bedtime (and it usually is when I fall asleep on the couch mid-sentence - woops!). With that said, I know have been a little quiet around here lately, and I wanted to let you all know that I truly appreciate all of your encouragement during this very exciting, and very busy time in our life. Scott and I feel so blessed to have so many people excited for our big day! We're down to a little more than two months, and we couldn't be more thrilled!

On a side note, here's a short list of things that have been making my days extra special lately:
1. Gingerbread Americanos at Starbucks! Heyooo!
2. Essie's After School Boy Blazer polish - digging the dark nails lately.
3. Boom Chicka Pop sea salt popcorn - this stuff is SO good and is the perfect lunch treat.
4. Lucky & In Love - my dear friend Katherine's wedding planning and design company. Katherine is helping us with our big day, and let me tell you, she is one talented lady!

Outfit details:
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Blouse: old online boutique
Scarf: Target
Bracelet: Gift
Jeans: Levi's
Booties: c/o Blowfish Shoes

I'm off to pick up a gingerbread americano and get a little walk in - it's beautiful outside!

What music have you really been into lately? What has been making your days extra special?
-Chelsea xo

November 13, 2013

Closed: Culture Flock Clothing Giveaway

Today we have an awesome giveaway from Cutlure Flock Clothing! They are offering one lucky Tea Talk reader their choice their choice of an item from their shop*excluding the hibernation crewneck sweatshirts.

To enter you must:
1. Follow Tea Talk via Bloglovin, GFC, or email.
2. Leave a comment with your favorite item from their shop!

Bonus entries!
(Please leave an additional comment for the bonus entry.)

This giveaway is open to U.S. reaaders only.

Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, November 19th at 11:59 MST.

Good luck, and a big thank you to Culture Flock for hosting such a neat giveaway!
-Chelsea xo

Congrats Apache & Honeysuckle! Thank you to everyone who entered! xo

November 7, 2013

For Writing's Sake

Today is one of those days were I just feel like writing for writing's sake. My mind has been feeling clouded with so many things that are currently on my plate, so the thought of just sitting down and releasing some of my energy into a simple blog post sounded just right.

To be honest, this week has been full on crazy mode - to the point where I find myself exhausted when I wake up. On the upside, though, this week has also been kind of wonderful - securing plans to visit our wedding venue again, my bridesmaids getting their dresses, working on our invites, getting completely excited to attend two very dear friends' wedding, and taking in every inch of this cold weather (finally) that I can. Scott has also been working on some of our wedding decorations, and every day he leaves me feeling more and more amazed at what he can create from just seeing a photo.

On Saturday, we're having our second walk through with our venue, and I couldn't be more excited to finally have a feeling of how our tables/seating/dance areas will be. My amazing bridesmaid, Courtney, has also been texting me about getting my bridal shower planned out - her and my cousin, Odessa, are hosting it together and I couldn't be more grateful.

Ok, back to sipping on my gingerbread americano (first red cup of the season!) and listening to my afternoon playlist!

What has been on your mind lately?
-Chelsea xo

November 6, 2013

The Early November

As I typed out today's title, I couldn't help but sing to myself any and every Early November song that popped into my head. Their music had a huge influence on me during my high school and early college years, and this time of year I always get sentimental about their music. Their band has come and gone, and even come back again, but nothing will ever compare to their early years, and the warm, nostalgic feeling that I get when I listen to their music this time of year. Did you ever listen to them when you were younger? Do you have a favorite song? I want to hear you sad always does it for me. Teen angst + the thought of living in New England and having basement shows = The Early November in a nut shell (for me, at least!).

Lately, my days have been jammed packed with work, wedding planning, and snapping photos whenever I can. Now that the sun goes down before I get home, my schedule feels a bit out of wack. I'm working out the kinks, though, and getting my daily life organized (hello, new routine of packing meals at 10:30pm, taking late night showers, and making the fullest of the hours I do have at home with Scott). I've never been a great planner (and for some reason people always find that surprising), but lately I've been making a more conscious effort to be better at making plans, sticking to a timeline, and checking more things off of my to-do list! For example, finally sending off the last bit of our Save The Date cards, working on our wedding registry, and editing/posting here more consistently. Check, check, check!
*PS +100 bonus points if you know they song that I'm referencing above - I know that I didn't give you much to work with there, but I have a feeling a few of you might know my musical tastes & can catch it!

Now that Halloween is over, I'm still trying to soak in as much of that fall feeling that I can before the holidays sneak up on us. At work, I've been working on holiday projects since August, so I've been desperately trying to hold off those warm and cozy feelings for months now. Today, Scott made it even more difficult by sending me a picture of the most darling puppy Christmas outfits that he bought for our pups from the dollar section at Target - oh, they're gonna look cute! Not to mention, every time I go to Starbucks I desperately want a gingerbread americano! Ok, ok - simmer down, Chelsea! We've still got a few more weeks to fully enjoy the fall vibes that this beauitful city has been giving off lately!

Outfit details:
Hat: c/o Jcpenney
Dress: Threadsence
Boots: Steve Madden

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my very large iced coffee that I got this morning (see my coffee induced tweets from this morning here), and read a few blogs before getting back to work.

What are you excited for during this early November?
What does your daily routine look like?
-Chelsea xo