December 31, 2013


In true end of the year fashion, I wanted to shared a few of my favorite outfits of the year! I definitely felt like winter and fall were my strongest seasons outfit-wise. This was my very first summer in Phoenix, so dressing for the non-stop heat was a tad difficult, but Scott and I still had fun shooting in the shade on 110 degree days. When autumn rolled around, we had a really great time shooting at The Orchard, and taking in all of the fall vibes surrounding us. To be quite honest, this year I felt like I really grew into my own. I got engaged, graduated from grad school, landed my dream job and planned an early 2014 wedding. It's really been quite the year! I'm still all about the layers, and love mixing classic prints and styles with unique twists. I don't see my style changing much in 2014, but I am excited to see where it will go. I do know that I will be donning a stunning dress on the 18th of January, and I'm so excited for that day! Thank you to everyone who has been reading - from the beginning or even just a few days. I am incredibly thankful for your support! Here's to an amazing 2014!

December 17, 2013


December has been a busy, but wonderful month! I've been loving the chilly days and evenings we've been having, pefect for bundling up and going on a long walk with a hot cup of coffee in hand. With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I would round up a few of my favorite items that may be on my own wishlist! I've had our honeymoom trip to San Francisco on my mind lately, and knowing how cold it's going to be, I've picked out a few items that would keep me warm and toasty during our walks around the city. I've also been dreaming of the perfect dress to wear for a fancy honeymoon dinner, and window shopping for a few bits for my office! What are you into this month?


December 16, 2013


I'm starting off the week with a full heart and feelins so thankful for such a lovely weekend. On Saturday I had the most perfect bridal shower with some of my favorite ladies, complete with a coffee bar, maple donuts and incredibly thoughtful gifts. During the evening, Scott and I attended my work Christmas party at The Duce in downtown Phoenix. We danced, ate yummy food, sipped on ginger beers, and watched one of my coworkers rap about everyone in our company. Saturday afternoon alone was completely wonderful, but the evening's festivities really topped things off!

On Sunday, I spent most of the afternoon Christmas shopping. I'm pretty indecisive when it comes to gifts, so I spent a lot of time going back and forth from store to store deciding on the perfect present. Usually, my mom is pretty easy to shop for, my dad is impossible, and Scott's pretty easy going. I started my shopping trip off with an iced coffee and a basic list of what I thought I might like to get, sticking to it most of the time but falling astray when I came across a few perfect gifts. I know it might sound weird, but I really do enjoy Christmas shopping - holiday mall craziness and all!

Phoenix has been rather warm the past few days, hitting a high of 70 degrees some day. I've been dreaming of going on a snowy walk, and I'm hoping that this Saturday Scott and I can take a trip up to Northern Arizona to enjoy some cooler temperatures, some time being surrounded by snow, and maybe even a quick trip to a favorite coffee shop that we always seem to go to in the winter. I'm so ready to pull out my winter coat and bundled up with some cozy socks, a big ol' scarf, and a pom pom beanie - winter is almost here!

This week I plan on finishing up my Christmas shopping (fingers crossed , as I usually can be found at the mall on Christmas eve!), baking my mom's famous orange Christmas cookies, and running a few wedding errands. We're almost down to one month until the big day and I still feel like we have so much left to do! We really only have two big'ish things left to confirm (this week!), but I'm starting to feel the pressure. Good thing I've got work and Christmas to keep my mind occupied for a few more weeks - staying calm during the process of planning our wedding has been something I've been striving to achieve, and while I've not always been calm and collected (que moments of panic about my dress and venue), I've definitely been trying!

Outfit Details:
Pendleton scarf via Anthropologie
Gap button up

How was your weekend? Have you finished up your holiday shopping yet?
-Chelsea xo

December 14, 2013

Bridal Shower Day

Today is my bridal shower and I can hardly believe that it's already here! My matron of honor, my cousin, Odessa, and my sweet bridesmaid, Courtney, are hosting the shower together and have kept the day's details zipped up tight -- no peeking for me! I do know that they chose the most beautiful invites that mirror the "Will you be my matron of honor/bridesmaid" cards that I gave them, and I have a feeling that the shower is going to be just as lovely! I'm really excited to spend some time with a few of my best lady friends, and get in the wedding spirit! Thirty five days and counting until I become a Mrs.!

Have you ever hosted or been thrown a bridal shower?
I would love to hear your stories and all about the details!

Ok, I'm off to make some coffee and get ready for the shower!
-Chelsea xo

December 12, 2013


It has been chilly lately and I've been taking full of advantage of the cold to bundled up and put my cold weather digs to good use. The cold has also been definitely putting me in the Christmas spirit, and every evening this week I've found myself either decorating, Christmas shopping, or baking some yummy treats. The holidays always seem to go by so fast, so I'm taking every moment I can to enjoy the season while it's here. Scott and I were just talking about how we haven't been feeling panicked about the wedding because we've been so distracted with Christmas. We'll just call it a blessing in disguise!

I'm really excited for all our upcoming holiday plans. Tomororw is my work's "End of Year" breakfast. Everyone's brings in a dish for a potluck style breakfast, and we're going to eat and play team games together. This year my team is dressing up like classic Christmas movie characters! I'm still not sure who I'm going to dress up as. Any suggetions? Saturday evening is my work Christmas party and we're having it at a really cool space in downtown Phoenix. From what I've heard, we're going to have yummy food, games, music, and a slightly embarrassing presentation. Oh joy! ;) My bridal shower is also on Saturday and I really excited to spend a few hours with some of my favorite ladies!

This weekend I'm also hoping to pick up my wedding band (!!!). Last weekend Scott and I went ring shopping together and ended up leaving with two bands that we both love. Scott's band fit him perfectly right off the bat, but mine had to be taking in a bit. I've been teasing him that I'm going to start wearing it after we pick it up, but truthfully, I'm going to wait until our wedding day. I can't wait until he puts it on my finger and calls me his wife. We've got just over a month to go!

Tonight I plan on making something to bring to our potluck breakfast tomorrow, sip on some hot coco, wrap a few presents (didn't quite get to it last night like I had planned to), and pick out what I'm going to wear to my work holiday party. The dress code is "Christmas Casual," so I'm thinking that I could either go really dressed up, or just wear some dark jeans and a pretty blouse. We'll see come Saturday, I guess!

Outfit details:
Scarf: Old Navy
Sweater: Madewell
Top: Ann Taylor
Skirt: Gap
Purse: Coach
Leggings: Jessica Simpson
Boots: Sam Edelman

What do your holiday plans look like?
-Chelsea xo

December 11, 2013


On Sunday, Scott and I headed to a new-to-us breakfast spot in downtown Gilbert. The Farmhouse is a local favorite, and is known for having the best homestyle breakfast in town. The wait for a table in the tiny restaurant is usually 15 to 45 minutes, which is a bit of a bummer, but so worth it. When we went we only had about a 20 minute wait, which was just enough time to sip on a hot coffee from Liberty Market and to working on filling in a few sections in our wedding day timeline. Liberty is usually our go-to breakfast spot when it comes to Gilbert, but it was nice to switch it up and try something different. The portion sizes were huge, and it felt like were in an old hometown restaurant, small town charm and all. The Phoenix Metropolitan area is well known for their breakfast spots (Matt's, Liberty Market, Lola Coffee, Phoenix Public Market, etc.), and this is just another gem that I'm adding to my list - check!

I picked up this studded, army inspired jacket this summer on a whim for $7 at Nordstrom's Rack. Its proven to be my most worn, and well loved, fall piece that I picked up this year. I'm obsessed with the color and style, and find myself throwing it on over my five other layers every day as I run out the door. Fall and Winter really are my jam when it comes to style preference, and I've been really enjoying layering it up lately!

I ordered a swiss cheese and spinach omelete with homefries (my absolute favorite!) and sourdough whole wheat toast for breakfast. It was really yummy, and very filling! Scott and I might have skipped lunch this day because we were still full from breakfast when noon rolled around. We also got a refill on our hot coffee as we headed out to Chandler for a little Christmas shopping - Liberty's new house blend is so good. We wrapped up our weekend with cozy blankets and Christmas movies on ABC Family. So far Christmas in Handcuffs has been my favorite this year - Melissa Joan Heart will always be one of my favorite tv actresses (I loved her in Sabrina the Teenage Witch).

Today has been crazy busy, so I'm really looking forward to a slow evening at home. On the upside, Scott stopped by my work for a lunch date, we took outfit photos together, and he brought me some of the chocolate fudge we made last night. He's a sweetie, I tell ya!

Outfit details:
Jacket: Nordstrom's Rack
Sweater: Madewell
Bag: Coach
Bracelets: Kate Spade & vintage
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Vince Camuto

What are you up to this evening? What's your favorite holiday tune?
-Chelsea xo

December 10, 2013

Welcome Home!

Welcome to my new layout! I'm so excited to finally be sharing with you something that I've been working toward for months now. The idea to polish up my design/layout has been stirring in my mind for well over a year now, and it feels so good to finally be sharing what I've been dreaming of. I loved my old design, in fact, one of my favorite bloggers designed it for me way back when - Tieka of Selective Potential - but with all of the changes life has brought over the past year (engagement, graduation, starting my career, planning a wedding!), it just felt like the right time for a fresh look and to bid ado to my beloved blog design:

I enlisted the help of the very talented Maiedae team to help make my design dreams come true. They were amazing to work with, and listened to every concern and question that I had a along the way. They helped merged my vision of a clean design with the familiarity of the Tea Talk design that I've known and loved over the years. I switched to a two column layout, made my photo section slightly bigger, and cleaned up key elements (navigation, header, social buttons, etc.).

Thank you for your patience, as my blog was down the past few hours in order to make this magic happen. Also, thank you SO much to Savannah and the Maiedae team for a design that it so me and is exactly what I was looking for. I hope you enjoy the new look, and here's to an amazing December!
-Chelsea xo

December 9, 2013


We officially have 12 days left of fall and I can hardly believe it. This fall has brought wedding plans galore, finding joy in pumpkin spice americanos, and lots of moments spent exploring the beauty that is The Orchard. This fall was mild at the most, but I still enjoyed bundling up on those days when the temperature dipped down and left us with a cool breeze.

This fall I found comfort in my favorite light layers, midi and ankle boots,  and a rose gold watch. Since starting to post my outfits way back in 2010, I've enjoyed looking back on the years and seeing how my style has changed (or hasn't in many ways). From then to now, I'm still into lots of layers, boots, and jewelry, but this fall I've felt a little more refined and office ready. While some of my daily office wears haven't made it to my blog, I feel confident in saying that my new surroundings definitely keep me wanting to polish up my style. There's nothing wrong with that, right? Right!

Winter brings upon a very special time of year, and this year's chilly season holds a time in my life that I'll cherish for years to come. Now are the days where we get to say, "We're getting married next month," and we get to practice calling each other "husband" and "wife." This winter is going to be one for the books, and I can't wait to be his wife.

 To top off the fall season, Scott and I had a perfect weekend together working on wedding plans, Christmas shopping, going out for breakfast and brunch,  eating dinner at home, and watching Christmas movies on ABC Family. Scott hasn't had a weekend off where he wasn't working somewhere else in over a year, so these past two days were well deserved and extremely appreciated. I've caught myself swooning over him so many times this weekend, especially when he was trying on wedding bands. Sigh!

Outfit details:
Jacket: Target
Top: c/o DownEast Basics
Jeans: Levi's
Watch: Fossil
Bracelets: Vintage & Jcrew
Boots: Steve Madden

Tomorrow something big is coming to the blog! I've been waiting for this for months now, and I can't wait to finally share it all with you! Promise to keep you all updated --- it's going to be fresh, clean, and amazing! Any guesses?

-Chelsea xo

December 8, 2013

The Phoenix Flea

Last weekend Scott and I sold at our first ever craft fair, The Phoenix Flea. Being the inaugural year, and our first time selling other than wholesale, Scott and I went into the two day craft fair with wide expectations and hopes for the best weekend. Well, we ended up having a nice Friday and even better Saturday selling our handmade goods, seeing friends, and living the craft fair life.

Scott's booth, for his Citizen Home Decor, was a work of love and lots of fun to put together. We sold ornaments, wall plaques (two sizes), coasters, and chalkboard bunting. The ornaments were a huge hit and we sold out mid-day Saturday (we had 100 ornaments with us!).

Scott and I had great time chatting with all of the craft fair goers, and spending two whole days together (a blessing when you have opposite schedules). We bundled up like it was going to snow on Friday, but slowly as the day went on, off the layers came (I did keep the super cozy socks and ski hat on, though!).

The Phoenix Flea was held in the gazebo of Heritage Square in downtown Phoenix, a historic district that dates back to 1895. It's seriously one of the most well preserved and beautiful areas in Phoenix, so spending two whole days there wasn't hard at all. It's also a very popular place to take family photos, so oftentimes I was dodging photography sessions as I took a few moments to walk around and enjoy my coffee.

On the second day of the flea our pal Perry, aka The Coffee Chop, and his lovely girlfriend, Kiley, set up their mobile coffee cart right next to our booth. Perry and Kiley were kind enough to keep us well caffeinated and we're the best company for a fun day at the flea. I would be lying if I said I didn't have three, maybe four lattes that day!

Saturday also brought the most delicious breakfast from Cartel Coffee Lab. Scott and his mom made the trek to their downtown location from Heritage Square to get us breakfast to go. I would give this mixture of eggs, potatoes, toast, and an a pancake an A+! Can't forget Perry's latte either!

We had a quite a few sweet friends stop by to support us during the flea. Katherine came down with family and I couldn't be more happy that she stopped by. Can't wait to see her again at my bridal shower next weekend!

Scott and I were also excited to support our neighboring vendors, and ended up leaving with four awesome prints. My favorite of the bunch has to be this "Death before Decaf" print from The Letter House!

Like I said...we had A LOT of delicious coffee this weekend! Overall, The Phoenix Flea was a big hit and we can't wait for their next event!

Have you been to any craft fairs lately? How was your weekend?
-Chelsea xo

December 6, 2013

Crafeteria 2013

Today's the day! The 8th Annual Crafeteria is here! This year Scott and I have a super sweet booth and will be selling his Citizen Home Decor pieces - ornaments, plaques, coasters, and a few clocks! We'll be there from 6-10pm in the Frances Vintage parking lot (Medlock Plaza - 10 W. Camelback Phoenix, AZ 85013) and we hope that all of you local folks can make it out! Please stop by, say hi, and pick up a few goodies for you and your loved ones! We can't wait to see you there!

-Chelsea xo