January 8, 2014

My Bridal Shower

Back in December, my matron of honor and bridesmaid threw me an amazing bridal shower at my cousin's home. I spent the afternoon with some of my favorite ladies sipping on iced coffee and being spoiled silly with beautiful gifts, thoughtful gestures, and lots of love.

My shower was incredibly personable, and fit me style to a tee. From the clever #chelseabride hashtag, to the coffee bar complete with a legit barista (thanks, Sam!), and a platter full of my favorite dessert - maple long johns! Everything I love (and so many people that I love) all under one roof to celebrate such a special time in my life! I truly feel so blessed to have had such a lovely bridal shower, and will next forget this day.

Courtney flew out from San Diego the day before my shower to be here to celebrate (and co-host!). During the weeks leading up to the shower, Courtney planned and plotted with my cousin, Odessa, on the decor, food, coffee bar, and party games. Courtney and Odessa also teamed up with Scott to make a few handmade decor pieces and the party favors! My heart swelled hearing that Scott wanted to help in any way he could to make my day that much more special. Can't believe he'll be my husband in TEN days!

For the party favors, Scott made coffee scented candles in vintage coffee cups that we collected together when we were younger. I LOVED these and currently have one sitting on our dresser! We also had tea strainers tied with ribbon for my tea loving family and friends.

One of my favorite parts of my shower was the coffee bar! Courtney asked her sister, Sam, who is a barista at a super hip coffee shop in Tucson to be our barista for the afternoon. She made pour overs and the best iced coffee! We sipped our drinks out of fancy paper straws and I may had had three or four iced coffees (and one for the road!).

We had a delicious spread of tea sandwiches, salad, fruit and mini quiches. Odessa made these cream cheese and apricot jam sandwiches that were SO delicious --- I'm still dreaming about them!

Scott also supplied my co-hosts with some old/embarrassing photos of us from some of our early years together - 2006, 2007, 2008! It was funny to walk in and see these photos hanging - we were so young! 

During the shower we played a few games (I'll save you by not sharing the other, although, you may guess what the game was by one of the photos above!), and the (soon-to-be) newlywed game was by far my favorite. Courtney and Odessa had Scott record himself asking questions, like what's my favorite color, where did we meet, where was our first kiss, and then everyone had to guess before he shared his answer. The only disagreement we had was on his childhood nickname - he said he didn't have one but his mom and I had other thoughts. He sure knew mine, though - Boots!

My momma and I! People say we look quite a bit alike. What do you think?

A few of the ladies and I - Nadia, Kara, Courtney, Ashley, and Mandy!

My bridal shower was everything I could have hope for and so much more. I feel so blessed to have such sweet family and friends in my life who just get me and are so excited to see Scott and I finally tie the knot! 

We're almost in the single digits now and we're seeing everything come together nicely. Starting Monday, Scott and I will both be off work until after our honeymoon! The past few days we've been finalizing details, doing last minute errands and DIYs, and making sure all of our ducks are in a row. Our wedding is almost here and we can't share our big day with you all!
-Chelsea xo


  1. I can't help but ooh and aww with everything about this! You're glowing with love pretty lady! I can definitely say that you are your mom's daughter:) xo

  2. This is absolutely one of my favorite Tea Talk posts EVER! I love your style posts but seeing more personal bits of your life is so refreshing and fun! You are so beautiful and it looks like you're surrounded by so much love! Sending you and Scott nothing but wonderful thoughts as you prepare for your wedding! Best wishes!!

  3. Super cute!!! I love love LOVE wedding stuff and it looks like you had an adorable, fun shower! My (now) husband also made a video for the same game at one of my bridal showers and it was so much fun. I can't wait to go back and watch it when we're older (and maybe guess the answers again, haha).

  4. Your bridal shower looks so darling, and so perfectly you! How fun that you had an actual barista serving up drinks! I can't wait to see actual wedding photos! :)

  5. That looks like the PERFECT bridal shower!! I love the style and decor. So pretty. It looks like you have some wonderful friends and family who love you very much. :)


  6. i love everything! you look so beautiful & happy :D

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