January 12, 2014


 Here we are, relaxing together after a busy day of work (for him), cleaning, doing laundry, starting to pack for our honeymoon, and feeling anxious/stressed (mostly me) about our wedding day that is officially six days away! While all of the big details are planned out and ready to go on the big day, we're still working on small DIYs and emailing about last minute details. In this moment, I'm feeling even more thankful that I decided to take off the whole week before the wedding from work - I have a feeling we're going to be busy from here on out!

I'm starting off tomorrow with an early morning doctor's appointment, followed by a breakfast date with my very soon-to-be husband. In the afternoon and into the evening, I plan on finishing up some laundry (snooze, but it must be done before the wedding!), painting a few decor pieces for the wedding, and getting our programs printed. Come Thursday, we will be in full on wedding mode! AH! I seriously can't believe how quickly our wedding day is approaching! Our countdown is getting shorter and shorter, and before we know it the day will finally be here. Until then, here's to enjoying our wedding week and not stressing about the little things - I'm going to be a wife, a Mrs., Scott's wife come Saturday and that is all that truly matters!

Here's to the best week ever!
-Chelsea xo


  1. I hope you have a fantastic week! I can't wait to see all your wedding posts :) Congratulations!


  2. I know you're excited! I love wedding post, I can't wait to see the pictures you share! x

  3. IT'S SO SOOOON! Can't wait to see you I'm dying with excitement!!!