March 24, 2014


Today I'm teaming up with Sparrow for an amazing giveaway! Kristi, the sweet gal behind the online boutique, has challenged me to choose my three most coveted items from her shop. While this might sound like an easy task, let me tell you, it was difficult! Sparrow is chock full of so many versatile and classic pieces (my favorite), with a mixture of trendy styles thrown in good measure (a must in my style book!). It sure took me awhile, but I finally came to the consensus that right now I'm most coveting ---

Now that I've shared my most coveted pieces, be sure and enter today's giveaway for a chance to win one of your most coveted piece from Sparrow. Good luck! xo

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  1. What a great giveaway! I love the pieces you've chosen, especially the Felicity top!
    Personally, I really like
    The Traveler Jacket in Ivory & The Leaf Filigree Earrings in Gold!

  2. I love the Maggi Military jacket so much (that green!) but the alexis jacket and the white long sleeve collar blouse would be perfect for spring too.

  3. I like the Jersey tshirt dress and the Traveler jacket! - Leah,

  4. I love the stella floral skirt and the hampton dress!

  5. How fun! Love the Glamorous Jersey dress (would be great with a fun statement necklace or scarf), the Ladybug Peter Pan Collar (love quirky pieces), and the Back Bow Bead Top (element of surprise)!

  6. I've had my eye on the Kedall Open Blazers for a while now. I also love the Stella Floral Skirt!

  7. It was incredibly hard for me to narrow down to only 3 pieces but I'd have to say the Belize Long skirt in the gorgeous colbat blue color,the florence floral shift dress and the excursion military jacket are my most coveted items!!

  8. Oh gosh, "Knot Your Basic Ring in Gold" is perfection, Nicole strapless dress, and the color block weekender bag in navy/cream are my faves!!

  9. I love the jersey t shirt dress especially the cute zipper detailing in the back. It's very versatile and chic! I also love the military jacket and their aviator sunglasses!

  10. Awesome giveaway! I like the Nicole Strapless Dress and Berkin Handbag in Black.

  11. I love the jacki blouse with back bow and the open blazers! Too many cute things

  12. Lovely Lady Lace Mint Blouse, Emerald Stone Bracelets - Set of 6

  13. FAVORITE NEW STORE! I absolutely MUST go with the Maggie Military Jacket. It's 100% my style! Love. Love. Love.

    1. Oh goodness, I didn't include my other two favorite products! They are...

      2. Black Sequin Tank
      3. Lea Tiered Long Dress

  14. You are totally right, there are a plethora of fabulous pieces in their shop! So hard to choose! I'm going to go with:
    1. Traveler's jacket in charcoal
    2. Uptown lace dress
    3. Crew stripe midi skirt in grey/white

  15. Ohhh tough decisions....
    1. excursion military jacket
    2. sterling silver pendant necklace
    3. bb dakota deveena jacket

    SO HARD!

    xo Ashley

  16. Wow great giveaway! Love these:
    1. Flowering Phoenix Pendant and Earrings Set
    2. The Traveler Jacket in Hunter
    3. Excursion Military Jacket


  17. Eve Handbag in Robin's Egg Blue
    Leaf Filigree Earrings in Gold
    Lea Tiered Long Dress

    These are three of my most favorite items which also happen to make a great outfit if paired together! YAY!!!

  18. I had a hard time choosing, but here are the three pieces I loved instantly:

    1. The Traveler Jacket in Hunter
    2. Beck Button Down Shirt
    3. Silver Faceted Ring

    Really great shop and so happy to know they are out of own state! Plus, really affordable for my grad student budget.

    Thanks for hosting, Chelsea!

    XO Alison

  19. The nicole strapless dress, excursion military jacket and ivory tie neck chiffon blouse are my fave!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! :)


  20. The Uptown Lace Dres, Textured Blazer with Zipper Detailing and the Onyx Crystal Necklace are my favorites :)

  21. I am coveting the lea tiered long dress and the and the Nicole strapless dress addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com

  22. Love the mint blouse, tiered dress,

  23. Can't believe I won! Thank you!!!!